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  1. robhj

    Fall 2017

    So, anyway we can get Ryan out to the event!? Seriously, it would be WICKED!
  2. robhj

    Getting Donations

    all planned out. Been getting shirts from ShirtPunch on sale days
  3. robhj

    Getting Donations

    So, I've been hitting up the Joe Nerds stores during the big sale weekends and buying a boat load of shirts. I was going to make Video Game pillow cases! (STILL need to find someone that can sew) But literally just thought of the idea a few months ago and apparently it's popular. I was just going to make ppl do donations for each one in supporting ExtraLife/SickKids.
  4. Have the wii u copy and i love it! I love the free roaming of the world and it's HUGE! Collecting items to cook, using the Amiibos, it's literally farcry meets zelda!
  5. @aerynstarr it would be sooooo wicked!!!!!!! is there any ideas/thoughts we should be bringing to the meeting?
  6. Hey, didn't know if anyone has seen this?
  8. robhj

    Prize details

    my gf makes a ton of knit pokemon and other gamer items. I'm also glad Nerd Block came through
  9. just thought of this!!! if ppl wanted to bring handhelds to play, will there be a place to charge them??
  10. @SickKids_Tara My friend and YouTuber Erika Szabo is really cool and local!!
  11. robhj

    SickKids VS!

    I LOVED THIS!!!! I so want the soundtrack!!!!!
  12. when is the next time to get a hoodie?
  14. totally interested!
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