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  1. Sammi

  2. Hey - Sorry, I meant it's May 1, 1-4 pm lol I just missed a "1"
  3. I don't think there are any comic cons in the tri-cities - the Kitchener Comic Con went on hiatus and there there hasn't been one in Cambridge. Do you want to add all events (i.e. a more comprehensive list of our brainstorming on Wednesday), or are we sticking specifically with cons and festivals? If you're down to add any event, then you can add... Cambridge: - CGCC Video Game Swap Meet, May 1-4 at Royal Cdn Legion, branch 126 (on Westminster) - tickets are $5 at the door - Cambridge Arts Festival, June 18 - - Rock the Mill Music Festival, July 16 - Kitchener: - Summer Lights Festival, June 20 - Koi Fest at The Parking Lot, June 25 - - Ribfest & Craft Beer Show, July 17-19 - Oktoberfest Also, suggestion: would it be possible to add the city in parentheses at the end of each item so we know where it is as not everyone may be familiar with all of the events?
  4. *Niagara Falls Comic Con is June 3-5 I don't think we should include GTA Comic Con, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Anime North, TFcon Toronto, Fan Expo, or Toronto SM Celebration as they're all in Toronto and we have a Toronto guild. If you do want to include Toronto, then you can add EGLX to that list (it takes place next week). Does London have a guild - I can't remember and i'm too lazy to check right now... if they do, we can remove Forest City Comic Con from the list. If they don't, then we can add London Comic Con if it hasn't happened already... To that list, you can add: Cambridge Comic Arts Festival which is August 27, 2016.
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