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  1. until
    The event is open to the general public. You can sign up in advance for specific games, join a game spontaneously, or host your own. See the Facebook event page for info on how to host or sign-up for games: Games this month include: Arboretum, Avalon, Bohnanza, Carcassone, Codenames, Evolution, The Great Dalmuti, King of Tokyo, Quilt Show, Rattlebones, Robo Rally ... the games in Make Nashville's library: Apollo 13, Bananagrams, Boss Monster, Card of the Dead, Cards Against Humanity, Catan Dice Game, Chrononauts, Cluzze, Coup, Dixit, Dungeon Roll, Elemental Blast, Fjords, Fluxxx, Forbidden Desert, Gloom, Kombat Kittens, Krazy Kats, Love Letter, Martian Dice, Pairs, Ra, Risk, Slap .45, Takenoko, The Resistance, Ultimate Werewolf, and Zombie Dice.
  2. Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to the Maker Faire event! If you stopped by our booth thanks for saying hi and we hope you register with Extra Life. Please join the forums and stay posted for all our great upcoming events.
  3. JoeSpradley

    July Monthly Meeting


    This is on the 6th correct?
  4. Your profile says female.... I call shenanigans.

  5. Important Meeting Notes Committees: - Communitcations > FB events (1 per month) > @Mark provide email list - Fun Events * virtual meetings are fun too > @Jonathan+Gabe working to put together online twitch team > @Jared will head up internal facing event at hosptial Upcoming Events: - [May 27-29] Flea Market Booth > @Jared coordinating Saturday > @Gabe coordinating Sunday * Need T-Shirts and Gear > Cross promote with retro gaming booth - [June 3] Brew at the Zoo > @Jonathan+Kristina outreach
  6. woot! see you all (who can attend) at the next meeting.
  7. Hey! Have you heard back from your contact? I think even if we just got a few free passes we could go and do some outreach at the event without an actual booth. Booth is higher visibility but we have lots of posters and things we can just hand out. Also sign-up sheets are mobile
  8. JoeSpradley

    Guild Meeting!

    Come join in our monthly guild meeting! Maybe there will be pizza Hooray
  9. Extra Life Los Angeles Guild Meeting Agenda 07/26/2015 Staff MeetingAnime Expo Titania by CHLA Patient SDCC Xavier Alex Mini Marathon 9am-9pm Guild MeetingMembership Update 1009, up from 693 Last Month Highest in CMN Much do to Anime Expo presence Rainbow Six Siege Closed Beta Incentive $6 Donation Following July 1st Beta Starts September 24th CMN Miracle Band Available on Website #JLO Promo Video Contest Deadline Sunday August 16th Events Anime Expo LA & OC Guild Volunteers Paper Signups Rather than Online Multiple Gaming Stations to Attract Participants Raffles Drew in Participants Titania: Artwork by CHLA Patient, Tory Kane Stationed in the Entertainment Hall, Good Placement San Diego Comic Con Xavier Participated on Saturday with the San Diego Guild Rainbow Six Siege Tournament as part of promotion Future Events Extra Life Mini-Marathon Inviting Outpatient from CHLA Need Requests for Consoles to Assure Enough Power, etc Tables for Board Games Talk to Connor to Volunteer for Food & Beverage Planning Talk to Alex to Volunteer for Setup/Strike Planning Plan for Offline Play KCON Will not be participating Central Coast Comic Con Last Year had Decent Amount of Sign Ups Contact Connor to Volunteer Strategicon OC Guild has Organized a Table Located at LAX Hilton Sean G. may be available Contact Connor to Volunteer Pacific Media Expo Located at Pasadena Convention Center Table will be in Community area Sean C. & Brent M. may be available Contact Connor to Volunteer New Community Pages Replaces Forums Introduces Community Calendar, Chat, and Gallery Guild Landing Pages Coming to the Site LA Guild Logo Based on Template from Extra Life/CMN Brent S Working on LA Guild Logo Guild Member Activity Xavier Did 24 Hour Marathon 7/25/15 Played League of Legends Charley & Friends Did Blood Drunk Stream Bloodborne Gaming Stream Guild Game Night Visit forum thread to suggest a game or host one. Contact Connor to Volunteer New Members at Meeting Carlos Lopez aka Angry Bananas Suggested Twin Galaxies may be open to lending ELLAG their studio in Studio City Additional Items Carrie Swidecki Marathon Attempting to set 3 Guinness World Records Longest Overall Video Game Marathon Longest Marathon on a Dance or Rhythm Game Longest Marathon on a Motion-Sensing Dance 138 Hours Playing Just Dance Raised $7,000 Xavier Mentioned Filing for Partnership with Razer Must sign up on Website Xavier Mentioned Gaming Viewing Party Proposed Having ELLAG Presence to Pitch Pixels Promotional Material
  10. until
    Guild Meeting at Children's Hospital Los Angeles - Herklotz Conference Center
  11. Notes from the guild meetings of Extra Life LA. Extra Life Los Angeles Guild Meeting Agenda 06/28/2015 New Members Duane Meshack Heard about it from friends Down with helping kids! Kevin Marinez Jose’s friend Lives close by Fundraising and Recruitment Membership and fundraising Extra Life Los Angeles membership update 693 registered. 450 at E3 alone! < Super Awesome 170 in May so, ~ 523 Sign-ups in June Fundraising update by Dan Events Recap LA Cosplay Con - June 13th Thank you to Kat, David, and Brian for helping out! ~50 signups at the event alone. Some contacts made, for future partnerships. Snuggs Meow twitch streamer Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses - June 14th Joe and Dennis Not many signups. Next time we will try to be in a spot with more traffic. E3 - June 16th-18th Thank you to Connor, Steve, Brent M, Alex, Charlie, Sean C,and Dan! 450 Sign ups! Graffiti wall and Flipbooks were the draw. Signups were easy due to being able to scan peoples badges. GameStop Midnight Release - Batman Arkham Knight - June 22 Thank you to Brian, Brent, Sal, Joe! ~10-15 signups. Have T-shirt and movie poster swag Future Events Anime Expo - 7/2-7/5 20x20 Booth West Hall - Entertainment Hall We have 3 more tickets for volunteers Set up game stations for people to play. Tournaments for people to participate in. Hot Spots on Phones Brent Sanchez can bring ps4, monitor, some games Dan has an Ouya and screen Have 6 tables and 14 chairs (4 tables and 8 chairs locked) Nintendo Smash and fighting games Raffle for premium giveaway Team page stepup > donation funnel (*don’t collect cash) Extra LIfe Mini-Marathon - August 15th Will be at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 8am-8pm? Alex and Connor will take lead on setting event. Want to stream out without a lot of production Focus: us playing games together to raise money Get people to playing games Will have a tour and come kids playing Red Bull wants to help with energy drinks Guild Activities and News Guild Handbook New handbook for Guild operation the national team has sent out. What does this mean for us? Guild Logo and Banners New Logo design is in the works. New T-shirt designs will follow. We are looking into getting a 8x10 banner to use at events. Guild Game Nights! Participate in the thread above and lets play games together! Heroes of the Storm Team Anyone interested in forming a team should head to the in the forum thread! Hospital News Children’s Hospital Los Angeles ranked #1 Children’s Hospital on the West Coast according to US News and World Report This list recognizes hospitals that provide the highest quality of care for children with the most serious or complicated medical conditions. Recently, CHLA chief Surgeon, Henri Ford, traveled to Haiti with a team of surgeons and nurses to perform a milestone surgery in a slowly recovering country. Open Forum Anyone have any additional topics they would like to discuss? Alien Ware may donate some streaming PCs > potential our official sponsor
  12. @Danity I added you Anyone else can add me too Dynotron#1260 If a lot of people are interested, we can actually start playing in the team league once five of us reach level 40. Is anyone close? I'm almost 38.
  13. I don't have much experience with e-sports team but I assume we should just start by holding open practice sessions. Anyone can come play and join at first and we then hold try-outs a little bit later on or just have a rotating bench for events and things. I am not pro-level but have been putting a lot of time in recently. I prefer to play support or warrior, not so good at assassins and have some specialists figured out.
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