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  1. I agree many people struggle with the idea that you can't have an annual until you have two years in a row, and so there can't be a first annual. But this is not the case here. The fundraiser page clearly says "9th Year" but this is my 10th year.
  2. I have been participating since 2010, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Is there any way to correct my profile from "9th year" to "10th year"?
  3. I moved house just before Extra Life last year, and my shirt didn't get forwarded to the new address. Is there a way to request a replacement? I have every shirt since 2010, and I would hate to miss one for this reason. Thanks.
  4. Is this still a thing? I just built my first custom rig and have fallen for ED. CMDR MyrHerder.
  5. So here is the first practice myr plushy. Thinking of making 5 more to give away to my top donors. Sent using Tapatalk
  6. Just got mine tonight! Here it is, and Ken behind me is showing off last year's medal. And now on display. Sent using Tapatalk
  7. It's taking them longer to archive the 2015 data. You can follow this thread to be alerted as soon as it's ready:
  8. If 25 people donate $35, then I'll dance 25 songs in armor. No more, though. Sent using Tapatalk
  9. Clarification: this is all songs which qualifying donors have picked for me per the previously mentioned incentives- not all songs in the game. Sent using Tapatalk
  10. Bought a maniquin with Christmas money, so here it is on display in our game room. More discussion and pics in the cosplay thread. Sent using Tapatalk
  11. I'm working on tiers and stretch goals too. Some ideas so far: $1: Thank you and shout out on social media and during the stream. $25: pick a rock band song (instrument and difficulty of your choosing) $35: pick a dance central song. Max 25 donors, 1 dance per hour- good exercise during the marathon. $50: pick any game for me to play for 30 minutes (can be hard or annoying). Max 10 donors. $100: personal drawing. Max 5 donors. I like drawing characters for our RPG campaigns and such. $150: personal craft project by my fiancé. Max 5 donors. Maybe a crocheted Myr doll? Stretch Goals: $500: Play in my Halo armor for 2 hours. $1000: Rock out in armor for a full setlist. $1500: Dance in armor for all the Dance Central songs. I need some other non-armor stretch goals though. I am a manager in an office, so it cant be shaving or wearing makeup to work. Trying to keep it to the event or the rewards. Sent using Tapatalk
  12. This thread (and the linked group) is for organizing Extra-Lifers in Tucson and surrounding areas. From Yuma to Wilcox, from Casa Grande to Sierra Vista. I'll be hosting a party at my house, and a few friends and coworkers have already said they would come. Maybe a few of you would like to join us, or arrange your own get-togethers?
  13. I stream at I try to stream once a week, but it's not a regularly scheduled thing at this point. During the GrifballHub's GGL season, I stream on game night every week. When I get together with friends for a Destiny raid or GTA shinanigans, I'll stream that too.
  14. Thanks for the confirmation; that's what I thought. I'll just have to keep reminding people over the mic and in the chat box.
  15. Sorry for the n00b question: do these plug-ins only work if you use a capture card and computer to stream? I stream straight from my Xbox One, and I would like to experiment with overlays like this EL widget. I don't have a capture card, and I won't have room in the budget for one any time soon. Thanks!
  16. Good luck in your graduated life! I'm @MyrHerder and MyrHerder on Twitch too.
  17. As stated above, this is the era of smaller devs. But the only way for them to thrive, and for AAA developers to get the hint, is if we as gamers vote with our dollars. Take that $60 you were going to spend on the next COD or Madden, and spend it on 3 $20 titles instead. Support the smaller developers, while hitting the big guys where it hurts- the bank account.
  18. My friend from grade school is starting a geek and gamer themed bar & restaurant in Ft. Collins, CO. Please check out their Kickstarter campaign. This could be an excellent location for a Denver Guild Event.
  19. I like the idea. I have been in regular (in-person) games where the DM brought in characters and events from other game sessions to connect all his groups in one bigger world. It's like seeing a videogame or tv character show up in another show and realizing that those shows are now part of the same world. And having two groups who each believe that they are the "good guys" - very deep.
  20. The one question I have that their FAQ won't answer is this: If I activate Smiles on my Amazon acount, then I click an affiliate link (for example the GrifballHub Amazon link), will both the charity and the affiliate get their cut of the sale? Or is it one or the other?
  21. In fact, I find rediculous games like that get even funnier when the players are sleep-deprived!
  22. I played about 30 hours, and I want to do it again! Work on Monday was a drag, though...
  23. Honored to have been in the email burst before the general anouncement went out. Sad that I can't afford airfare and all the cost of bringing my girlfriend. I hope something like this happens again next year!
  24. Is there any problem with taking checks and cash into your personal bank account, and then donating an equal amount through your own PayPal? I've done that in the past, and I put the real donor's name in the "message to particpant" field so it shows up on the donations list. I know it will list your name in the donor's name field, but other than that is there any official problem doing it that way?
  25. I'm more interested in the idea of Steam than actually using it. I'm more of a console person, but I have Steam installed on my laptop and desktop (neither powerful enough to run console-level games smoothly). I bought the full Half Life set, Mirror's Edge and Borderlands 2, and I got the Arkham games in an awesome Humble Bundle. I checked to see if they installed and ran, but haven't played since. Hopefully now that my home office is set up, I'll upgrade my desktop and play it more.
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