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  1. Danny

    Miracle Cup 2016

    It looks like we have our 6.
  2. Danny

    Miracle Cup 2016

    Hey everyone, we've refined our gameplan for this and are wanting to get a team of atleast 6 people. We've got 5 from Eastern Washington, but considering this is for Seattle Children's Hospital, it would be really nice to have atleast one person from Seattle in our group, especially with the ability to more closely communicate with Seattle sponsors. Here's the new format... *************** The Miracle Cup will take place during the November 5th Extra Life marathon and will span the entire 24 hours with a series of hour long races and practice and qualifying rounds between. We are partnering with REVS Simracing UK, who will be supplying drivers and server hosting. We will be handling organizing, promoting, approaching sponsors and broadcasting the event online via Twitch.tv. There will be an Extra Life team of 6. Each person will oversee a team consisting of 2 cars and 2 drivers per car for a total of 4. The team leader CAN participate as one of the 4 drivers but is NOT REQUIRED to. On our end, I compare it to fantasy football for simracing. Each team is potentially worth $2000 in sponsorship. $1000 per car as follows… $2000 to sponsor entire team $1000 to sponsor an entire car $500 to be main sponsor alongside smaller sponsors $250 to be 1 of 2 smaller sponsors Our goal for the entire event is atleast $12,000 raised! *************** So, it's a good way to get atleast $2000 towards your personal fundraising goal. Any takers? Once again, you can still play whatever you want to for Extra Life. This doesn't effect your own personal plans at all.
  3. Danny

    Miracle Cup 2016

    We'll be done with promo materials soon. If you have ideas of who might be good sponsors in the Tri-cities area, maybe start putting your personal list together. We'll collaborate soon on getting sponsorships. Tentatively its like this $1000 Exclusive car sponsor $500 Main sponsor sharing logo space with 2 other lesser sponsors $250 Smaller sponsor logo spot Total goal per car is $1000 16+ cars in the series We'd like to raise 20k if we can.
  4. Anyone interested in a fun way to boost their fundraising for this year, consider joining our team. We're hosting a sim racing series on Twitch with corporate sponsorship from local businesses. We're hoping to assemble a team of around 16 Extra Lifers to act as liaisons for the cars competing in the series. You DON'T have to drive the cars. We have a pro sim racing league doing that. Each car has a goal of $1000 and we will help provide promotional materials and suggestions for businesses to approach for sponsorship and assist in every way we can. And on the day of Extra Life, you can still play anything you want as well as follow the progress of your car in the series. Think of it as the fantasy football of motorsports! http://www.extra-life.org/team/miraclecup2016
  5. on a completely unrelated note, Moxie, the little town I live in is actually called Moxee.
  6. Hey Amshokeyfan, I'm in Yakima, WA and am actually the designer behind the Extra Logo! I had no idea we had anyone in the Tri-cities participating. It's been a bit of a struggle in Yakima too. I was also not aware Seattle Children's Hospital had an outpatient clinic there in Richland. I am bringing a program I developed in Yakima to Seattle this year called the Miracle Cup, otherwise I would try and get some collaboration going in our area. We ARE hoping to do a separate 24 hours before the official date, if you are interested in heading to Yakima.
  7. Danny

    Miracle Cup

    Potentially. We're actually using texture editing tools to modify the game assets. So, we can take logo files provided by the sponsors themselves rather than trying to recreate them with basic shapes like in COD or Forza. Of course, that means it's better to use PC games.
  8. Danny

    Miracle Cup

    Yes! We actually did that too last year. We're moving to a new game, so I'm not sure about this time. It all depends on how a developer packages their assets and if they are easy to find and work on.
  9. My kids are WAY into Minecraft and I've played and enjoyed it but never experienced playing on a server. I DID have the idea to have a group of Extra-Lifers collaborate on designing a children's hospital on a Minecraft server during the marathon. I have no idea how difficult a project like that might be though. Just a thought for something fun and marketable to donors.
  10. I thought that, with the inclusion of board games and pen and paper, we might stretch the boundaries of charity gaming even further with an absurd idea. We are toying with the idea of having someone read a choose-your-own-adventure book on our live stream and let the chatroom vote on what actions are taken. I'd even thought perhaps a good friend of mine with serious improv/impressions chops might be willing to do it and let donors to his fundraising decide which person to read the book as. Imagine Christopher Walken doing a dramatic reading of a CYOA book.
  11. Hey everyone! I'm working on the third year of a concept I came up with called the Miracle Cup. It's gone through dramatic changes each time and we are still working out bugs, but I think we've narrowed down the format to what it will be from this point on. Basically it's a series of racing tournaments that take place during our Extra Life event. The major gimmick is that several of the tournaments take place on PC games where we have the ability to mod the paints on cars and use that to sell sponsorships to local businesses. For example, for a $500 donation, we put your company logo on a car that represents you in the tournament. For smaller donations we put smaller logos in various places around the cars. As a thank you, we print screen captured posters the business owners can hang in their lobby.
  12. Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Thompson. I’ve been known by UndeadDoG by some. I’ve been with Extra Life for about 87 years now. I joined back when it was still a Union for Broadway enthusiast coal miners. I can still remember the day Doc (Jeromy Adams) landed his hot air balloon in my front yard and asked if I could redesign the Extra Life logo. He put his arm on my shoulder and said, “Son, this Extra Life thing is gonna be HUGE. It’s gonna help a lot of sick kids. And you? Why, I say – I say, you are gonna be vaguely internet famous, boy. We’re gonna put your logo on t-shirts, hoodies, dice…DICE?...yes, my friend, even dice. You’re gonna see it on Playstation themes, on G4 shortly before it goes off the air, on a billboard in Time Square, in a PS4 game as an easter egg…. DANNY! Pay attention, boy. People will get tattoos of it! No one will know it’s you, but YOU will know. Then he flew away singing the Texas State song. I’m a former console gamer who’s gone through the religious experience of finding PC. Steam is my downfall. I too suck from the Gabe teat.
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