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  1. Thanks Jeff. We had briefly talked about choosing a venue that offers a restaurant benefit night so that we can kill two birds with one stone: fundraising and meeting space. Anyone else have ideas to offer?
  2. Reminder: We still need volunteer support to help spread the Extra Life love at Portland Comic Con. Sign up here!
  3. A reminder to all that we're looking for volunteers to assist with Extra Life recruitment at the event! It's a TON of fun, a great opportunity to learn some new games and a great way for us to engage fellow game-lovers in the Extra Life effort. Sign up here!
  4. Hey all! As those of you who have attended recent Guild meetings are aware, local EL'er Sean Murphy and friends are bringing Extra Life to CarnageCon in Killington, VT this fall. Check out the website to get the scoop on all that they're planning for Con attendees.
  5. Hey all! If you have yet to check out - do it now! This site was created by one of our newest Guild meeting attendees, Benjamin Santos and will be such a fantastic resource for us going forward as we strategize about which Cons to attend. Awesome resource for other Guilds as well!
  6. Hey all! We've scored another 25 tickets and an EL recruitment table at the August 18th Sea Dogs game. Please mark your calendar, invite your friends and family and plan to join us! Sign Up here: and please comment in the notes section of the sign up form if you'd like to request additional tickets. Thanks!
  7. Hey All!! A reminder to please review the available PortCon shifts and sign up for any shifts that you can help us cover! We're less than two weeks out and just need to get a better sense of what gaps we will need to fill. Thanks as always!!
  8. BBCH4theKids

    June Guild Meeting

    Thanks to our PortCon friends we had access to a giant gaming space for our June meeting. After a small about of EL business, Tim, our Master of Fun taught us all Two Rooms & a Boom.
  9. Two Rooms & A Boom! Thanks to all who were able to join us for a little business and a lot of fun.
  10. Two Rooms & A Boom! Thanks to all who were able to join us for a little business and a lot of fun.
  11. Hey All! As many of you know, the organizers of PortCon have secured the old Summit Adventures space for the entire month of June. All month long they will be hosting some fantastic events (including our Guild meeting on June 7th). On Thursday, June 2nd from 7pm-9pm an executive chair of PortCon and local Microsoft employee will be hosting a Dance Central competition in the space. The $5 fee to enter the competition will be donated the Extra Life program at BBCH! Woot! Check it out if you have the time next Thursday! Also, for a complete calendar of June events in this space, click here.
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