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  1. I wish. There is no where to order them in bulk so the other hospital must have been magic!
  2. until

    Can't make any predictions on how easy parking will be so give yourself plenty of time. The hotel is very close to the convention center so it won't be a long walk. Also, the initial plan was to be at the hotel but that might have changed since earlier in the week. To sum it all up, meet at the convention center and give yourself plenty of time to park. Thanks for being here!
  3. until

    More details are here! Parking - there is a parking garage directly across the street from the Durham Convention Center, and also around the block behind the convention center there's a big open parking lot. Make sure to give yourself PLENTY of time to find parking as well as walk to our meeting spot. Meeting Spot - Meet up at the info booth at the front of the convention center. Attire - Extra Life gear, please.
  4. until

    You're in for Friday, 3:00-8:00 @Techlicious. Thank you! I'll be in touch with more details closer to the event.
  5. Hey RDU Guild! We are already up to 380 gamers registered to play and support Duke Children's. Tonight is going to be huge! Can't wait to see how it goes. Thank you for getting the word out about this awesome program and hospital! For the kids #FTK
  6. This is awesome @Dresden10589! How did it go this weekend?
  7. Good work @andrewrdu! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. CMN Hospitals added its own star to the red carpet — 2015 Tennessee Champion Jessica Meyer. Jessica stole the spotlight with her quick wit and charming personality as she interviewed celebrities during the event. Click on this link to view a re-cap of red carpet interviews. https://vimeo.com/134267100 Jessica spent months being treated at her member CMN Hospital, Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, after an inoperable tumor was discovered behind her eye following a visit to a health screening kiosk at a local Walmart. During the next few months, despite Jessica enduring chemotherapy, weekly blood transfusions, 24 rounds of radiation, and other painful procedures, she never once lost her smile, telling those around her, “I choose to stay positive. I choose to fight.” Jessica rocked the red carpet with that same dazzling smile, making friends and melting hearts during her time in the Big Apple.
  9. I guess I'll have to answer your phone call and let you into the meetings now @NC_Villan
  10. Hey Everyone! How are your action items coming along from last Tuesday's Guild meeting? Here's a reminder of what we're hoping to accomplish between now and our next meeting on September 1st. You are AWESOME! Thank you! · Action Items o Events § pick an event to volunteer for and respond in the Community/Forum o Recruitment § Get active on social media – reach out to at least 5 people or post at least 5 times § Distribute 2 more fliers § Complete the action items you assigned yourself after our recruitment group brainstorming session o Community/Forums § Set hospital to Duke Children’s § Put fundraising website link in profile
  11. I don't see an issue with the Lucky Strike tower and also think it's kind of the only iconic skyline image for Durham. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Of course! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4tHWaA3gEUmTWVVeHpHZFN1QmM/view?usp=sharing
  13. Here are the minutes from our August Guild meeting. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 1st from 7-9pm in Raleigh. Specific location TBD. August Guild Meeting Minutes.docx
  14. OK Folks! Here are the final details of the hospital recruitment event coming up on Monday, August 2. @MajorLinux @BurntIce will be there. We have room for one more person so let me know if you can be there. Where to meet: Duke Clinic - 40 Duke Medicine Circle, Durham, NC 27710 - NOTE we are NOT meeting at the Children's Hospital. If you have to unload any gaming equipment, please pull up in front of Duke Clinic to unload. I will be outside in the circle to meet you and watch over your stuff while you go park. If you do not have any equipment to unload, please park then meet me in front of Duke Clinic. Text me when you're arriving so I will be on the lookout for you. When to meet: 9:30AM Where to park: Parking is available in the Duke Medicine Circle Parking garage on Trent Drive. I will cover the cost of your parking. Take the ticket when you pull up to the parking garage. I will provide a parking voucher before you leave at the end of the event. Website for parking, map, address, additional Clinic information: https://www.dukemedicine.org/locations/duke-clinic Contact: Keri, 202-716-8218 Attire: Extra Life shirt. If you do not have an EL shirt, you are encouraged to wear any other gaming-related shirt that is kid-friendly and presents Extra Life in a professional manner.
  15. I, too, am amazed at this type of skill! Well done! This looks awesome!! Any chance the skylines can be lifted up a little higher so they fill more of the light blue space? Also, the Durham part seems to take up more space (yay for me b/c I am a proud Durhamite). Could you possible center the image a little more so that Raleigh and Durham get equal space?
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