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  1. Going around to local tech companies and asking them to give a flat donation or a certain amount per hour you stream has worked for me in the past. I have had Microsoft, Apple, Seagate, and other companies willing to donate anywhere from 50 to 500 dollars so maybe test that out.
  2. I shall be streaming hopefully raising money for Extra Life Prior to the 24hour event in November but otherwise theres always the 24 hour marathon. My twitch is: I stream a variety of games but mostly competitive Overwatch & Destiny 2 at the moment Cheers, Instantsmile
  3. Best of luck to you, I wish I could convince my sister to join me, haha, I will definitely have to check out your stream this Extra Life
  4. Hello, So I coach a local High School Badminton Team as well as the US Junior National Badminton Team... Anyhow 2 of the parents on the team own a textile company and they can make just about anything you can imagine, jerseys, shirts, windbreakers, sweatshirts and all for great prices. If you would like their contact information or a sample of what they can do just let me know! Cheers, Instantsmile (Andrew LaRock)
  5. I am back in the United States and I have no plans to leave the country or go on any trips besides to a few conventions like Twitch Con and PAX South. So I believe I am in a perfect position to resume streaming and reach the 100-250 people I used to and get them to make the right decision and make a difference too. 

  6. Hello all I have read about the new guilds and love the idea/concept and just in general for anyone interested I would like to pose the question how can someone go about forming or establishing a guild? With that being said I would like to establish a Silicon Valley Extra Life Guild with a facebook page and such if at all possible. Any information is much appreciated. Sincerely, Andrew LaRock
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