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  1. Pulse Check 2015 total: $46,997.21 We've got some ground to cover, so get going! Event Happening on Friday, November 4th Happening from 10am-12pm Setup can start at 9am Remember to wear your CHF shirts (or Extra-Life shirts from the past!) Check this thread for more details! ( Game-Day Events FCCC Booth will be setup in conjunction with the Roundhouse My stream will be happening at Check this thread for details: ( Bell Media Space is not in the cards this year (nor did we think was really worth it) Nicole will be bustling around to different places (10am Roundhouse, 1:30pm Diply, FCCC after that!) Game-Day Tips Extra-Life's tips for staying alive on game-day here: Check out the document for Trevor's other tips here: Streaming Tips Jon walked us through some amazing tools for streaming on game-day. Make sure to take advantage of them! Look out for something from him soon! See many of you on Friday, and good luck with game-day guys!
  2. Hey people! Details about our final pre-game-day meeting can be found here: Looking forward to seeing you there!
  3. Hey Folks! The make-up meeting for September/October, and the final pre-game-day meeting will be happening on Tuesday, November 1st at 6pm! Let's break down the sweet deets! What: At this meeting we'll be discussing the following: Children's Hospital event happening on the morning of Friday the 4th, from 10am-12pm (details here!) Events happening at Project Play and The Market (TBC) on game-day, November 5th! (also details here!) Game-Day Strategies Streaming Tips and How-Tos Last-minute Recruitment Where: Children's Health Foundation HQ, at 345 Westminister Avenue (Link here: When: Tuesday, November 1st; 6pm-8pm Why: It's a great way to encourage yourself to kick your fundraising and overall participation into high-gear! There may also be food (to be confirmed, you gluttons). Who: You (and anyone that you game with that may want some tips!) We also need your help for a few game-day (and pre-game-day) events! If you haven't yet, check out Nicole's thread here: If you have any questions, ask 'em below. We look forward to providing any more details here as they become available.
  4. Hey all, quick update! Due to attendance issues, the meeting tonight will be postponed to a later date. We hope to keep you updated on the new date soon, so make sure to keep an eye out! If you are aware of anyone that was thinking of going tonight, please make sure to let them know. Thanks!
  5. Froink

    Next Guild Meeting

    Next meeting is on September 27th! Next Tuesday! Details in this thread here:
  6. Hi All! The race to Game-Day is gaining speed; November 5th is only 43 days away - gah! This means it's time for a September meeting! Meeting Details In cooperation with Nicole and the folks at CHF, we'll be hosting a Guild Meeting at their offices this-coming Tuesday, September 27th at 7pm (to 8:30pm). We were super pumped to see a bunch of you at the Open House, and look forward to have as many of you back next week. You can find address details for the offices here: Streaming Info-session As mentioned at the Open House, this meeting will also have a bit of an information session about game-day streaming. Whether it's using in-app services, your console, or with computer software, streaming your gameplay for friends and family to watch is a great way to bolster your donation-game! If you have any questions that you would like to ask before the info session, don't be scared to ask them below. We'll see what we can do to prepare answers. Thanks guys, and see you in 5 days!
  7. I've got a whole bunch of Jackbox games on my Xbone. As long as I can sign-in to whatever console is there I can get them installed there. I'll bring whatever controllers I have too
  8. I think I'll give it a go. Although, the older logo has grown on me. The childlike charm of it warms me heart. I might reach out to some more *ahem* talented artists on our team to come up with its counterpart.
  9. Guild Logo as of 2015. We were given a template to work with and I wouldn't hate the chance to try this again. It has good bones, but could use some improvement.
  10. Woo, made it late to the party! Name: Trevor "Froink" Horman Years Doing Extra-Life: This is my 6th year! Why I Extra-Life: I've always been passionate about doing things you love for a cause, and I couldn't think of a better one. Team(if any): Cats on Wheels Other "Stuff": I've been a long-time Rooster Teeth fan (which introduced me to the concept), and originally had joined because of the community-involvement from there. I believe gaming is a social activity at heart, and something that has so much potential to impact the lives of those who need it.
  11. Nice to see you guys too! My name is Trevor, I was with the Cats on Wheels team. Looking forward to treading forth into the London fray trying to spread the word. @trevorhorman
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