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  1. Jillian Ryan

    May Meeting!

    Hey Guys! Time for our May Meeting, brainstorming session and gaming time!! We're meeting at the Center of the Universe Brewing Co. Located here: 11293 Air Park Rd, Ashland, VA 23005 Thanks to Mike for securing the location for us!
  2. PSN = lady_door xbl = door117
  3. Jillian Ryan

    April Picnic!

    The weather is finally beginning to warm up and it was time to get outside! We hosted our picnic/meeting at a local park where we grabbed some yummy grub, brainstormed new ideas and had some fun 3ds battles! It's always fun to get everybody together!
  4. We were super lucky when LOZ Symphony of the Goddess said they would let us run a charity booth at their concert this April! We had such a fun time and got to meet a ton of great people and had over 15 sign-ups!! There were a ton of cosplayers who loved hanging out at our booth with our own cosplayers as well!
  5. Hey guys! To all of you that are new to the forums... Welcome!!! EL has spent a lot of time on making the forums a friendly and easy to use area and like we said at our guild meetings, we are slowly moving away from FB and focusing more on the forums! There are a few folks that know the forums pretty well, Bobby and Keith specifically come to mind so if you have any questions feel free to drop them a line as well! You can upload photos, create events on the calendar, join other guilds in discussions and more!!! _____________________________________________ For this post let's begin with baby steps... intoductions!!! Let us know a little about you and your favorite games! My name is Jillian, I've been an EL player for going on 5 years . I am currently the president of the RVA guild and I adore cosplay! I LOVE video games!!! Be it console or handheld you can find me gaming in my downtime. RPG is my go to genre and from there I enjoy fps in the style of bioshock and so on. I will basically play anything but tend to stay away from sports, racing and 2d platformers (I'm more a spyro/crash kinda girl!) What about you???
  6. Hey guys! Our little RVA Guild just keeps growing and growing!!!! I find one of the best ways to get to know someone is by talking about something they like... and since we're all already part of Extra Life... an easy topic is VIDEO GAMES!!! So let's introduce ourselves and give a quick blurb about what our favorite video game is and why!!! To kick things off: My name is Jillian Ryan, I'm the EL RVA Guild President My favorite game of all time (it's hard to pick!) is Chrono Trigger (all variations!). It was the first game to ever make me tear up and the story will stick with me forever! Also amazing music and great graphics!
  7. until
    Hey guys this is one of our BIGGEST and most IMPORTANT meetings of the year!!!! This is where we "kickoff" EL 2016! We will discuss what we do as a guild, brainstorm, meet new faces and really begin to get our feet wet with all the upcoming events and changes coming our way!!! Please mark your calendars, this is an -extremely- important EL Meeting! This will also count as our March Meeting!!!! -Jillian
  8. Jillian Ryan

    February Meeting

    Hey guys! Our first in-person meeting will be on February 21st! Come out to Battlegrounds in Midlothian for the meeting to hear updates about our goals and plans for Extra Life this year and stay for some games afterward. We look forward to seeing you there!
  9. Are you a Extra Life member in Richmond but aren't part of the guild? We would love to have you!!! We do game days, pot luck get-togthers, board game nights and more! We are often at anime and comic book conventions where we cosplay, sign up new members and have a great time! So if you're looking for fellow gamers in the area, hit us up! Our guild would love to have you! -Jillian
  10. Richmond Guild teamed up with Mott Gallery and AMAZING local artists to put on an amazing event where artists custom designed guitars, turning them into amazing works of art that were then raffled off, all proceeds going to the hospital.
  11. Jillian Ryan

    Cosplay for Charity!

    EL Richmond LOVES it's cosplayers! We cosplay at booths, during events and at the hospital for the kids!
  12. Jillian Ryan


    Hey Guildies! We are going to be at Ravencon this year! It will be the usual convention schedule. We will have multiple shifts that need filling and the event is Friday-Sunday. REMEMBER THE GOAL IS SIGN UPS! Getting people to join EL 2016!
  13. Hey guys! It looks like there is a GOOD CHANCE we will have a booth at Ravencon in Williamsburg this year! It is April 29th-May 1st. We need one or two POSSIBLE volunteers! We already have Babs on board and the VP Mike Clark. Remember we aren't -promised- a table and badges just yet but I wanted to get a feel for who would like to volunteer their time! Please comment below with your first and last name, and I will be in touch! Jillian Ryan EL Richmond President
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