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    If you're recruiting specifically for people in the London area you may want to consider the CHF logo as CMN is a pretty big umbrella.
  2. Certainly doesn't hurt to have an assortment. Mario Kart style easy access games are great for people. Overwatch is very popular right now. more to come.
  3. Poor @Froink. You have your marching orders now
  4. As if anyone could top the majestic beauty of One London Place and the majestic forks of the Thames!
  5. If you want another kick at the can by all means have at 'er. If you come up with another design we can have a good old fashioned which is better. Between the existing one and the yet to be unearthed one.
  6. I think you're probaboly right re: activity in the Toronto guild form being primarily action around being "new". That said, we do have a guild Logo. @Froink do you think you could post this to the forums again so anyone who's new could see it? I think starting a few threads about what game(s) guild members are currently playing would be great! It would give members a chance to connect outside of the normal guild routine and form some friendships with other members!
  7. LXTerror

    Our Guild Discord!

    The Original Trevor now exists in Discord. Yay me. (Sorry Trevor H. too slow)
  8. Hey Booth and Event people, Please take a look at this and see what we need to do to get the ball rolling. Thanks, Trev
  9. Hi All, You should have all received an invite for this via email but if not ---- The meeting will take place on: Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 Time: 6:15pm Location: LHSC Children's Hospital - Sumner Auditorium 800 Commissioners Rd E London, ON N6C 2R6 Special Info: *Parking pass will be provided upon arrival at Guild kick off event* Doors will open at 5:45pm for pizza and refreshments and kick off will start at 6:15pm
  10. LXTerror

    London Guild Meeting

    Come join us for our monthly guild meeting. We'll be at the Children's Health Foundation main office.
  11. We are the London Extra Life guild, working hard to increase registration and year over year support for Extra Life across South Western Ontario. We support The Children's Health Foundation, which in turn uses the proceeds we raise to help kids from across the region get the medical assistance they need. There is something for every one in every community - so feel free to take a look around and see what's up! Your Leadership Team: @LXTerror - Trevor Brimson - President @Pylawn - Jon Pilon - Co-Vice President @Thejacobvshow - Jacob Van Rooyen - Co-Vice President @busted1der - Jacob McCourt - Secretary Feel free to message any of them for information, help, or anything you require assistance with! Come out and Join us for our Next Monthly Guild Meeting! ---> http://community.extra-life.org/calendar/event/185-london-guild-meeting/
  12. until
    Come join us at the Children's Health Foundation for our August Guild meeting.
  13. Hi from Ontario! I'm sure the Vancouver guild will reach out but didn't want you to feel lonely!
  14. Hi CJ My name is Trevor Brimson and I'm the president of the London Guild. I'd be happy to chat with you to discuss this with you. I can be reached directly at tbrimson@gmail.com Look forward to hearing from you. Trevor
  15. Send Trevor the details for Tim @ FanshaweSend e-mails to Brandon Owen from MOG Nation and CJ Clark from The X 106.9Confirm with Brittany about payment for the London Comic-Con event
  16. LXTerror


    Hi Brandon, I'll mention this at the guild meeting this month and be back in touch with you directly. Thanks again, Trevor Brimson
  17. CHRW Radio ---- followed up with Fanshawe Comic Con contact --- followed up with
  18. PLEASE NOTE --- Location has changed 7-8pm Children's Health Foundation 345 Westminster Avenue London, ON, Canada N6C 4V3
  19. Hey Luc, Why I Extra-Life ---- I've answered this question over the years many times in a lot of different ways but I'll try to put down the most meaningful in this post. I first heard of Extra-Life from a co-worker when I lived in Ottawa. As an avid gamer I thought "hey great, gaming for 24 hours and a good cause. Sign me up." I did my fundraising for the year and felt good about the whole endeavor. The next year when Extra-Life time came around my wife had delivered our first child a few months before things really kicked off. My daughter spent a good deal of time at CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario for those not familiar - In Ottawa) due to complications surrounding her heart and a severe G.I. issue that prevented her from feeding. While my daughter Lera ultimately overcame the challenges she faced as a newborn the time I spent there watching her and other children battle all kinds of conditions, illnesses and diseases made the drive for Extra-Life a far more personal one. I scoured my network and hit up strangers alike trying to raise awareness and funds for the hospital where my daughter received her life saving care. Following that year's event I knew Extra-Life would be something I would be involved in forever. I have continued to participate in the Extra-Life event annually and with the arrival of our second daughter (Zoe) who also has spent a good deal of time at Children's Hospital in London the need for Extra-Life and other CMN initiatives has never been more clear to me. I reached out to CMN and was put in contact with Perry Esler who filled me in on this "new guild program" --- a recruitment wing for Extra-Life with the gamers getting more gamers involved. I was excited. This was a chance to bring Extra-Life into the forefront and really expand the level of awareness. I was lucky enough to be elected as the president of the first London Extra-Life guild. Working with the Children's Health Foundation and CMN to take Extra-Life in London to the next level is something I'm incredibly passionate about both because I feel the cause is one that everyone can get behind and because CMN hospitals have had such a profound impact on my family. In short I Extra-Life because CMN, CHF and Children's Hospital were there when my family needed them. They can't provide the level of care that children need without help. This is one way that I can help. I'm going to continue doing everything I can in the hopes that other children will get the same benefit mine did. Sincerely, Trevor Brimson
  20. Hi All, Friendly reminder of Guild Meeting this Thursday from 7-8 at BVG HQ. Thanks, Trevor
  21. Hi All, Friendly reminder of Guild Meeting this Thursday from 7-8 at BVG HQ. Thanks, Trevor
  22. Copied from my post on the Facebook page for others to read: Hi All, I had the opportunity this week to join a Bench to Bedside tour at Children's Hospital put on by Children's Health Foundation. We got the chance to see the pediatric in-patient units on the 6th floor, the PICU as well as the Research Institute all of which are supported by our local foundation. It was an enlightening experience and one that I'd recommend anyone participate in if they get the chance. Also a huge thanks to our CHF reps for putting on the tour and taking the time to educate people about how the foundation operates and what it helps fund. Thanks again and if anyone has any questions I'll do my best to answer or point you in the right direction. Trev
  23. This thread is a good place to list that. When we have a specific event in mind we'll look for volunteers for those events. In addition to general availability here please make sure you sign up to help at those events as well. Thanks, Trevor
  24. Thanks for posting Jacob! Feel free to either post any questions related to anything discussed here or ask us directly. Thanks again, Trevor
  25. In addition to specific event ideas if you have a community connection who you think might be a good platform for us to reach out to about an event please include that contact here or message us directly so we know who we can be speaking with. Thanks, Trevor
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