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  1. Hey @bread_man, I have a new question for you - hoping it's an easy one. Is there an easy way to make the background color for the helper transparent? No rush on it, but any help you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey @bread_man, loving this helper - great addition for sure! One question I do have, if I wanted to add my overall fundraising goal to it - so that instead of just the number value of what's been raised so far it displayed it as, for example $50 / $200, is there an easy way to do that? I've found the necessary variable from my fundraising page, but am unsure of what I'd edit/add in the (I'm assuming) helper.js file. Any help you can provide is certainly appreciated!
  3. I'm doing mine this weekend as well. Had a scheduling conflict last weekend, so instead of breaking up the day, I decided to push it a week. I'll probably be starting around 7 AM MST at and because of stretch goals that I laid out, will be going for 27 hours (what have I gotten myself into!?) I'll second the Moobot thing - I've got it set up and ready to plug the donation thing every half hour.
  4. Does the image of Tori's signature to be included have to be completely unobstructed and/or remain in its original form?
  5. Figured that it would be - especially with friends and family who know what they're in for with my wife's baking... Most people that have tried it (or try it for the first time) swear that she laces it with something to get them hooked on it... haha
  6. After I started this thread, I did add some stretch goals like this to my page. Hasn't quite had the response I'd hoped for unfortunately - I think people on social media are just tired of seeing my pleas for donations... haha. Anyway, what I've got so far is... $250 raised: I'll add an extra hour to my marathon $500 raised: All donors to that point are eligible to win a basket of my wife's baking $1000 raised: I'll do a second 24-hour marathon before 2015 is done. I like the idea of having people choose games to play - I might add that in for a $750 goal. Probably just not to the extent of 10 different games - mostly because if it happened to be 10 games that I don't currently own, that's a big dent in the bank account (I'm doing my stream from the Xbox One, and with me being in Canada, newly released games are around $80 each). From the time I originally posted this as well, a couple of businesses have come through and made some donations for giveaways. I had a local grocery store donate 4-$25 iTunes gift cards and a 3-month subscription for Playstation Plus and I had the EB Games marketing department donate 12-$10 gift cards to give away as well. Small items, but something to offer up for those who donate while I'm streaming.
  7. Thinking that I'll do a couple of photo prints to use as giveaways or silent auction items. Was browsing some of NASA's images from Hubble, and there's a lot of neat looking ones in there that would look great, so I'm currently looking into that.
  8. I've thought about offering some sort of service - tried offering up custom artwork the first year, but that didn't really work all that well. As far as shaving something for fundraising levels, unfortunately my hair is too short to throw that up, and my wife may kill me if I offer to shave the beard... lol. For the giveaways that I'm planning on, they won't be strictly gaming related items - that just happens to be what I've got so far.
  9. I guess I'm just looking for suggestions here from others out there. I've been trying to get some local businesses to donate items that I can either give away as prizes during my fundraising campaign or hold a silent auction (if the item warranted it). I haven't had much luck with that aspect - have handed out a number of letters as well as sent emails - and have yet to have a positive result from that. As a bit of a fallback, I've been looking for items that I can pick up myself that I can give away, but something that's not going to break the bank. Currently, I've picked up a couple of Fallout themed t-shirts and was thinking of maybe picking up a couple of the Funko Pop! vinyl figures to serve as giveaway items. For giveaways, I'd do something like for every $XX donated, you receive an entry, and then draw from who donates in a specified period of time. If anyone has any ideas for what else may be good for a giveaway, any other places/companies I could try (doesn't necessarily have to be immediately local) or any other input, it's much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. When you make a recurring donation, you choose how many months it continues for - and it just stops after the last payment.
  11. My day was pretty decent. Woke up at 8 am on Saturday and just dove right in. I wound up taking my console on the road with me and playing during an Oktoberfest party on Saturday night. Even though it was only me doing the playing, it helped having all the other people there - even if only for the fact that it kept me awake. I tried adding a couple of in-person ideas for donations - $5 to play against me in NHL 15 with an additional $5 giving the person the ability to choose my team for me, as well as (since it was a party) a minimum of $20 to have me take a shot. I didn't have anyone take me up on the NHL, and only had one taker on the shot unfortunately - so I didn't really raise nearly as much as I'd hoped in person. Had one other person donate while they were there, so being there raked in an additional $45 towards my campaign. I didn't really hit a wall until about 7 am on Sunday morning - 22 hours into gaming (added an hour to make up for my dinner break). Luckily though, people started waking up around 7:45, so that helped wake me up for the final hour and a bit. It was good though - hoping to a couple of mini-marathons (6-12 hours) over the next couple of months to see if I can't bump up my fundraising total a little more.
  12. The total contribution will still count to this year. You'll get notifications every month when the payment is processed, but it'll go to this year's total. I had one last year, and it only added monthly contributions to my total until the end of the year - then my total reflected the full amount, even though the payments were still to come.
  13. Figured I'd add one idea that I had thanks to an idea that I received on Twitter. The original idea was for Guitar Hero, and a $5 donation gave the donor a song request. Now, I don't have Guitar Hero, but do have Rock Band. That said, I don't know if I really want to haul my Xbox 360 down with me when I'm already bringing the Xbox One, so I think I've found a different spin on it. Seeing as how I'm in Canada, and most of us are crazy about hockey, I'm thinking I'll throw down the gauntlet to any challengers in NHL 15. A donation of $5 will get the donor a match against me and for an extra $5, they can choose my team for me - any team, any league. So there could be the potential there for say the Japanese national team versus the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings - could definitely get interesting...
  14. My original plan going into this year - like many others - was to raise as much as I could ahead of game day, and stream on the day to try and garner additional donations. Due to scheduling conflicts (and my stubbornness to not change the day that I'm doing the gaming on), I now may not be able to stream my day. Essentially what has happened is this. I was supposed to go out of town to visit my cousin the weekend before game day for an Oktoberfest party - it worked out perfectly... until he changed the weekend that his party was on. So now the Oktoberfest party is on the night of the 25th, and he has asked me to bring what I need and do my game day there. Originally, I was only going to do it if he had the Internet speed for me to still be able to stream, but that has since changed as well. He's been looking into bumping up his speeds, but I won't know if he's actually done it or not until I arrive on Friday night, so I've thought that I could try and garner some donations from people in attendance at the party. My plan was to have a box near me for random donations - any maybe my laptop set up on the Extra Life page for people who still wish to donate online. What I would like to do though is have some sort of 'a donation of $XX for ___'. I remember seeing someone else on the forums mention that in the last few hours of his game day, he takes a shot of tequila for a minimum $20 donation (or thereabouts). I was thinking of something like that, but it'd need to have a caveat (especially with like 30 or 40 people in attendance) so I'm not carted off to the hospital myself... haha. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for donations like that, they'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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