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  1. What upcoming Vita game are you the most excited about?
  2. Really enjoying Xcom 2. It is certainly difficult, but every successful mission feels very rewarding.
  3. RT @RocketLeague: Proud to announce that Rocket League will be coming to @Xbox One next week, February 17! https://…
  4. @Agentxk Yogventures
  5. Wanna learn how to get one of these? Join me now on !
  6. Ryu amiibo now available! (Super Smash Bros Series) by Nintendo for $12.99 via @amazon
  7. RT @ted_martens: YEEESSSSS! @NecroDancerGame is out on PS4 and Vita!
  8. @Danielleri Hearthstone is good to play on the treadmill
  9. @PSNDecoy now with a 9month old. I wake at 5am and think... At least it isn't 4am.
  10. @TroyBakerVA Ever wanted to be a "whale"? This would be easy with the amount of micro transactions out there.
  11. Home with dad Wednesday, home with mom Thursday, now home with dad Friday. This little lady is…
  12. Join us on ! Room code IAGV !
  13. @TheBitBlock Disney infinity Mario kart
  14. Just locked myself in an area in The Witness where I can't backtrack and can't solve the 2 puzzles in front of me. :(
  15. @Brian92610 agreed!
  16. Let's do this! #gopats !
  17. What a difference an hour makes. #blizzard2016
  18. What is this, snow? Wait... we're getting how much?
  19. Join me on channel and lets jam out to some Crypt of the NecroDancer!
  20. Our little girl was excited to go back to daycare today.
  21. Can't wait for Saturday!

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