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  1. @gcacho net to see you content in print. All my articles were online only.
  2. Dear @sternpinballinc , I'm starting my career as a pinball reviewer. Please send me a Ghostbusters pinball machine for review. Love, me.
  3. RT @RockBand: See how you would add your songs to Rock Band Network in Rock Band 4 for PC. Back us on Fig to make it a reality! https://t.c…
  4. 1000 miles in 3 days. Wonderful to see my family, and glad to be home.
  5. Man, they made a #GameofThrones Pinball machine!?? So Want.
  6. 300 miles down, 200 to go! I am Shamrocking this drive.
  7. @Agentxk same. I believe i have two or three from last bundle to pass along.
  8. @amazongames oh @PeerIGN ...
  9. @tuanews continental breakfast, in college, meant something different to me than what you are currently referring to. Now it makes me giggle
  10. @tuanews - a way to get or songs in to @RockBand ! -
  11. XCom 2: TargetX Stream: via @YouTube
  12. Some Sunday fun at the Microsoft store in KoP thanks to #extralife #extralifestreamteam @ King…
  13. @jeffrubenstein @XCOM @majornelson art imitates life:)
  14. @KindaFunnyVids - Living Alive on! ♬ Music: Danny and Tori 2-Player Co-op feat. Chris Dunleavy -
  15. @sleeperhit79 very excited to mess with it
  16. This is a baby gate. Not to be confused with a #babygate , which would be referring to some sort…
  17. Need a midday cute break? Here is a playlist of my adorable daughter Grace being adorable!
  18. RT @AppStoreGames: If you're looking for a casual RPG for your #AppleWatch, give Runeblade a go. #GameShowcase http…
  19. @tuanews then the terrorists win. And by terrorists, I mean conservatives.
  20. @NellyMorel @ANOVOS wow, lots of neat stuff there.
  21. @deanebeth oh dear god no.
  22. @chrisremo You got Klout.
  23. @ExtremeGamer I believe there is some blue chip talent at that studio.
  24. @steimer @GameOverGreggy What rituals/schedule will you keep to stay connected to one another? (i.e. calling at bedtime,daily Skypes)
  25. Glad to see this little one smiling again. #healthybaby
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