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  1. This will be my 8th year taking part in Extra Life. For the first time ever, I will be coordinating a two day event at the offices of TargetX in Conshohocken, PA. Staff, family and friends will come together for the event and we will be livestreaming our efforts on twitch.tv/pindaddy ! We have multiple game stations, including NES and SNES Classic tables, a TV and instruments dedicated to Rock Band 4/Rivals, The Spotlight station, which will include multiplayer games like the JackBox Party Pack, Rocket League, Fortnite, OverCooked, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, and more! We will be attempting to live stream the full event from 6am EST - 6pm EST Both Saturday and Sunday November 4 and 5th!
  2. PinDaddy

    Stream Overlay PS4?

    Just to share. I have been using the PC Remote Play for livestreaming and it has been excellent. I have the ps4 wired and the pc wired, so there is only a very small amount of lag (just enough to make pinball arcade quite a bit more difficult.) But, I am loving it. Keep in mind, if you use this, be sure to change the remote play settings to improve the video quality.
  3. No worries. the arcade cabinet was an idea i wanted to float out there. Logistics are not going to work out.
  4. I posted on the Facebook group but I wanted to touch base here. I would like to help out and supply a Jr. Pac Man arcade machine for the booth at TMG. I jsust wanted to see if this was something that would be possible, and wanted, or if it would take up too much space.
  5. @gcacho net to see you content in print. All my articles were online only.
  6. Dear @sternpinballinc , I'm starting my career as a pinball reviewer. Please send me a Ghostbusters pinball machine for review. Love, me.
  7. RT @RockBand: See how you would add your songs to Rock Band Network in Rock Band 4 for PC. Back us on Fig to make it a reality! https://t.c…
  8. 1000 miles in 3 days. Wonderful to see my family, and glad to be home. https://t.co/Kg5PJaa9vh
  9. Man, they made a #GameofThrones Pinball machine!??https://t.co/nxAiCXdbAO So Want.
  10. 300 miles down, 200 to go! I am Shamrocking this drive. https://t.co/PAqRoZxG7T
  11. @Agentxk same. I believe i have two or three from last bundle to pass along.
  12. @amazongames oh @PeerIGN ...
  13. @tuanews continental breakfast, in college, meant something different to me than what you are currently referring to. Now it makes me giggle
  14. @tuanews - a way to get or songs in to @RockBand ! - https://t.co/Q24A0Lt7DB
  15. XCom 2: TargetX Stream: https://t.co/V0BMKYKCTN via @YouTube