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  1. Every year for the past 3yrs I've been fortunate enough to be apart of the telethon held at our hospital and sponsored by our local Channel 12 News. Its always a great day when I get to represent my city by presenting a check for the total amount raised through Extra Life in the previous year. And I get to talk about Extra Life live on the air with one of our anchors. This year a few teammates joined me. (Im in the middle).
  2. Mistype... I was denied usage. Sorry for the confusion. I didnt fully understand the reason but I didnt argue or make a big deal over it. I was in contact with who ever responds to the Facebook private messages last year. At that time I was asked not use any logos for Extra Life or ESA on any tshirts I may have printed. Things may have changed since then.
  3. Good question. It sort of depends on the genre of game or the mood Im in. Ill stream anything from Heavy Metal to old school grunge most of the time. But if Im playing an MMO or something a little less action based Ill switch over to something like Nujabes.
  4. Wait for an official response. I denied usage of the official Extra Life logo for team tshirts last year.
  5. I have in the past yes. Under the name Killektiv.
  6. A few friends and I went in on the 4 pack. Price ended up being $15. I just finished playing actually. I like the wizard the best so far.
  7. For 6 bucks its hard to complain about any game really. I bought it for the same price during the Summer Sale. I will likely kill some hours playing it during Extra Life this year.
  8. Ive played about 6-7hrs of Shadowrun Returns. I played both SNES and Sega versions when I was high school along with many table top/pen and paper session with my friends. I was expecting a little more from this new version for some reason. Its a cool game but you really have to set some time aside to read every little thing. Its not an action or fast paced game by any means. However if you were a fan of the old 90s stuff then chances are you will like this.
  9. I also played at launch and beta tested a good bit in the early days. I loved the game for the most part but didnt really have time for a MMO after a while. Im still pretty much at that point now but Ive been considering running through some of the story lines for classes that I never played before. The F2P model was one of the worst ones Ive seen when they decided to go that route. I hated that I had millions of credit completely taken from me (or hidded). Like I said I may go back for some single player run throughs. I have a family member and Extra Life teammate that never stopped playing from launch. He is a part of a huge guild called Old Republic Dads. He is in their guild leadership and loves it.
  10. I just started playing about 4 nights ago. I was looking for something to scratch that MTG itch as well. I tried the "trial" pre-made deck on MTG: Online and had fun for a few days. Then I heard Hearthstone wasd F2P and thought Id check it out. So far Im enjoying the Rouge. I have enough cheap counter spell and bounce cards to kill time for bigger cards to come out. It works a good bit of the time but if I run into someone with a monster heavy deck then I usualy win by the skin of my teeth or get obliterated. If I keep playing then Ill look in the meta as suggested in previous posts. For now Im having fun with the game as is. Add me if you'd like - Killektiv
  11. I appreciate the help! I have added 2 businesses to the Sponsors page of our site. They are friends of mine so it wasnt difficult. I did go to a 3rd business which is a place where you rent time and then you play a console or log into a PC for MMOs. Its a really nice set up but as I tried to speak with the owner he was more concerned with the game he was currently playing then talking to me. He only briefly looked me in the eye. Then stated that we are welcomed to hangout at his place if we are looking to set up base somewhere. Um... no thanks man. My house has served my team well for 4yrs and we dont have to pay a cover charge that takes money away from Extra Life. Sad thing is, he reached out to me. Oh well... on to the next guy!
  12. Ill email our hospital's programs director today. She and I have a great working relationship thanks to Extra Life in the past 3-4yrs. I guess I may have misused the word "legit" but its what came to mind because sometimes I get that look from people like Im trying to scam them. I have already reached out to 2 of my friends that own local businesses and have both donated to me in the past. Im hoping to hear back from them today. Thanks again!
  13. Man I had forgot about the adrenaline "feature" of that game. I had one other friend that loved that game as much as I did. We played it all the time but it didnt really hold our attention as much as DoD.
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