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  1. Upcoming things: PAX– PAX is Labor Day weekend Aug 30-Sept 2. Troy is accepting volunteer signups now for the job of spreading the word and recruiting players. The link to pick a slot is As before, the shifts will be staffed as half days where each volunteer gets time to wander around the con in addition to spending time at the booth recruiting players. Fall Meetup?– Date/Location TBD Game Day – November 2nd! Seattle Children’s Game On Event and livestream – November 9th from 11am-3pm Will take place primarily in the auditorium at the hospital, with gameplay on the large screen and stadium seating to observe. The Anna Clise boardroom will be used for those wishing to be off-camera, play small games, and for food. This event is focused on the Seattle Extra Life Guild members and patients, with patient families and siblings all welcome to come watch and/or play. Announcements: President Change - This will be Mike’s last year as Guild President. Leadership is working on a replacement process, and welcomes any comments, suggestions, or nominations you may have. The plan is for the new President to take effect and be announced at next year’s kickoff meeting. We have a Discord! – Come join us:
  2. Great point! Fixed the post to link to the FB invite. We will be there 5-9pm
  3. Hi Friends! If you're interested in playing games and meeting fun people, come join us tonight at Mox in Bellevue for an informal meetup. If you can't make it, keep an eye here for any updates or things missed. Mox Boarding House 5pm-9pm 13310 Bel Red Rd. Bellevue 98005 Also, feel free to comment below with times of the day/week that work for you for things like this. We are always looking for ideas!
  4. Emerald City Comic Con is upon us! Today through Sunday, we will be at #ECCC booth 714 near the atrium. Come say hi, show off your cosplay, or sign up for this year's page. See you there!
  5. Hello friends! Emerald City Comic Con is coming up on March 14th-17th, and we are looking for volunteers to help us at the booth. The show floor will be open from 10am-7pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and from 10am-5pm on Sunday. Each day will be split into two shifts. The plan is to allow for volunteers to be able to staff the table for half of a shift, and get to wander the convention for the other half of their shift. If we have enough volunteers, this should not be a problem. The link below is to the volunteer form, where you can provide your availability. We hope to have the final schedule set by the end of February, so that everybody knows what shifts they will be working well in advance of the convention. Please feel free to share the link with anybody you think may be interested in volunteering. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to @anTsocialGamer. Extra Life at Emerald City Comic Con 2019 Guild Volunteer Form Game On!
  6. Every year players and families gather in support of their individual hospitals AND each other. There is up to $150,000 of prize money to be won in tournaments and an unlimited supply of new friends. And this year, Extra Life is throwing in 1 FREE Disney World 1-day Park Hopper pass for everyone who purchases a 'competitor' ticket! Check out the registration page HERE for more details. Will you make it to Orlando?
  7. Hi guys, is your game day over and you are feeling the withdrawals? You may have seen the article from the main Extra Life feed on Grunka Munka Games (here). This small, local studio is full of Extra Lifers who are living the dream of working on video games all day, and spent Game Day with the Seattle Guild at Seattle Children's Hospital raising money #ForTheKids! They just released their first game and as part of their launch plan, want to bring it in a CUSTOM arcade cabinet to the Alyssa Burnett Center in Bothell. They could use some help, so if you have time, give a read to this message from their Marketing Officer Ray. If you are interested in helping out, you can contact them directly at "We are a video game studio in Seattle and are working with Seattle Children's Hospital to build two custom arcade cabinets (similar to the one in the attached photo) for their Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center (ABC). It's a center that "offers year-round classes and activities for adults, age 18 or older, with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities". We plan to build both arcade cabinets, install internal game consoles (Nintendo Switch & Xbox One, possibly PC as well), pre-load them with games, deliver them to ABC, and paint the arcade cabinets with the students of ABC. After that, ABC will keep one of the arcade cabinets for their students to enjoy and be able to auction off the other to raise funds for ABC / Seattle Children’s Hospital. We hope to make the delivery/painting event(s) as positive and impactful as possible. We also hope to incorporate Xbox Adaptive Controllers into the system so people with physical limitations can use the system with ease. We hope to partner with literally anyone who wants to be involved to make this effort possible and are more than happy for them to have a presence throughout the process. Our biggest need is any hardware/software that anyone would be able to provide. If that's possible, that would great. If not, that’s ok too. For anyone who is able to be involved and/or join us during our event(s), we would be delighted to have their help. We simply want to bring some gaming happiness to some great people and are more than happy to share the spotlight in doing so. Thanks, Ray Aflakian Chief Marketing Officer"
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    Hi @Hans E., I am messaging you the invite with directions and parking information. See you tomorrow!
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    For the first time ever, Seattle Children's Hospital will be participating in Game Day with actual patients and doctors playing games together with Extra Lifers! Extra Life Seattle Guild will be streaming their festivities live from our Twitch channel between 12pm and 3pm. This event will also be featured on the MAIN Extra Life Twitch channel from 1pm-2pm! Tune in, host the stream, share the love. Let's show these kids what they mean to this community! It's not Game Over, it's Game ON!
  10. Check out the new event on the calendar and get ready for some burgers for kids!
  11. On Tuesday, June 19th, Habit Burger Grill of Shoreline is donating 20% of sales from 4PM to Close to Seattle Children's from anyone who brings the attached flier!! Print the flier (or two) and head on over for some tasty eats for a cause near and dear to our hearts. Can't go? Maybe spread the word and a hungry friend will find their new favorite eatery. The only rules are to not pass out flyers in the shopping area, especially during the event, but they can be distributed anywhere else beforehand. Happy eating!
  12. Are you coming to The 2018 Seattle Guild Kickoff?? Have you seen this?
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    Come join The Seattle Guild for a celebration of 2017 and a peek into all we have in store for 2018! We will eat pizza, and toast to the success of a great year For The Kids. Come be a part of the planning for 2018, and maybe snag a volunteer spot with free entry into Emerald City Comic Con. RSVP Here Special Instructions: Please plan to park in Visitor Lot 1 or River Parking and enter the hospital at the River Entrance where we will be there to greet you. Amenities: Pizza, refreshments and dessert will be served.
  14. Emerald City Comic Con is back! March 1st through 4th our guild will have a booth and needs volunteers to help us at this Extra Life recruiting event. Extra Life volunteers receive free entry into the event and some time away from the table to explore all the con has to offer. Email Troy Starrett, our Seattle Guild Volunteer Coordinator, if you’re interested in helping. His email is:
  15. @MuffinCook here is the link to our sign-up thread.
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    Oh no Tim! We will miss you tonight, but there is usually some space left on the volunteer roster even after meetings, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, Mike has a handy instruction link pinned to our home page that shows how to set up notifications located here: Bryan, aka @Sharkey1337 we got you covered!
  17. That is fantastic! Feel free to send him the link to our guild forum page, he is welcome to keep an eye for postings and updates or contact us directly. We typically offer volunteer spots first/come first/served to those Seattle Guild members that attend the meetings, but that almost always leaves 50% of the slots free for friends from all corners who can speak to strangers about Extra Life. Do you know what days(s) he will want to volunteer?
  18. Will YOU be there?. Driving Directions to SCH.pdf
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    Come join the Seattle Guild for a mid-year check-in! Hear all about our success fundraising and recruiting, and help strategize how to kick things up another notch before game day! We will talk PAX volunteer schedules (come sign up in person and get your choice slot!), find out what other events you want to see during the year, and have some fun! It would be great if you could RSVP so we know how much food to order. Details: Time - 6pm-7:30pm Place - Seattle Children's Hospital Meeting Room Address - 4800 Sand Point Way NE Seattle, WA 98105 Driving Directions to SCH.pdf
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    The University Village Microsoft store is doing another Extra Life stream for Seattle Children’s! The event is July 1, 2107, from 9:30am-9:00pm. They will have 4 streamers playing the very popular game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, co-streaming through Mixer. The game is a Mature title, so the event will be 18+, and the stream team is Who Watches The Overwatcher's?. The event space will be open for other people to play games as well, with 12 gaming laptops and XboxOne-Games units.
  21. Thank you to all who were able to make it out to the meeting last night! Here's a quick outline of what you missed, and attached is the full deck of slides we reviewed. Congratulations again to Aaron Linde for winning the Guild Member of the Year Award, and huge thanks as always to Betsy and Kira our partners at Seattle Children's! Seattle Guild Kickoff notes 34 attendees 1. Intros and PowerPoint deck a. Kira b. Betsy c. Mike d. Josh e. Shell f. Stacey 2. Virtual tour - Up to 500 beds served by 2030! 3. Jake and Annie Colley intro and William’s story (“William Watch” on Facebook) 4. Extra Life Overview 5. Tori’s Story video 6. Stacey talks Social (TL/DR feel free to DM them with what you need!) a. When are you most active? b. What is the most helpful engagement? c. What can SC social media do differently? 7. Guild basics 8. Senior member volunteers - If you are interested in helping with any of the special teams, feel free to hit us up or comment below. 9. GAME DAY IS NOV 4TH! 10. Congratulations and thanks to Betsy and Kira 11. Guild Member Achievement Award – Aaron Linde, Superstar! 12. Leadership Thank yous 13. Trivia results and prizes 14. Wrap-up and photo Extra_Life_Powerpoint_Presentation_FINAL_2017.pptx
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  23. Are you coming to our kickoff meeting on March 12th? Come on down to the hospital and join us for a celebration of last year's record-breaking success. Get some free pizza, dive into some cake, and help us plan a killer year! Head over here to the calendar invite for details and rsvp!
  24. Moxie

    Emerald City Comic Con

    Sign up for a recruitment shift HERE or just stop on by our booth to say hi at ECCC!
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    Come join the Seattle Guild as we kick off 2017 in style! Hear all about our success last year, and help set some goals for this year's Extra Life game day while nomming on free pizza! Details: Time - 5:30pm-7pm Place - Seattle Children's Hospital Meeting Room Address - 4800 Sand Point Way NE Seattle, WA 98105
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