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  1. PrepareToIndie is my husband, and I've been so happy to see him take a bigger interest in Extra Life this year! Even if you don't have any direct advice or a response to his post here, it'd mean a lot to both of us if you gave us a follow on our channels! PrepareToIndie YouTube Twitter GamerReverie Blogspot YouTube Twitter Facebook
  2. Just saw your post didn't have any replies either, so I'm going to go ahead and comment even though it's been a while. How did this event go for you? My ex played Warframe all the time and I don't think I have it in me to play such an action-packed game -- so I admire those who do play it and can play it well!
  3. Hi, guys! It's been a while since I last posted in the forums (last time, I was happily telling you I was getting married in part because of Extra Life and participants who brought it to my attention!). It's also much earlier on a Saturday than I am normally awake, so if I ramble... please forgive me. In March of 2016, I moved 800+ miles from the West Palm Beach, FL area all the way up to a small town in Mississippi. This was so that I could be with the love of my life, and we were married last June. There's only one thing about the move that has left me unhappy, and it's our lack of internet options. We're on a semi-rural road outside of town, so we only have two options for internet: a prepaid hotspot priced at $10/GB, or a much slower but better priced satellite connection. In order to play most of my games, I had to opt for the hotspot. Unfortunately, that means I can't stream on Twitch the way I used to. I tried to utilize Twitter and Facebook for outreach last year, but only just managed to make my $500 goal when I have done over $2000 in the past. I decided I needed to try some different tactics if I wanted to continue my strong support for Extra Life. This year, I've gathered up a team of 10 people and I'm doing my best to support and advise their individual efforts. I've even set up a competition for us called Mascot Mayhem, and we'll each earn points for different things we do throughout the year. It's fun for us, and gives our supporters something entertaining to follow and support. (You can read about it here!) I've also started a blog. Creative Writing for Publication was my focus in college, and I have played a wide variety of games thanks to streaming for Extra Life -- so why not? The only trouble I'm having so far is drumming up enough followers of the blog. This is where I'd like to ask you all for a favor. Would you follow my blog? You can use the Google+ follow button, or there's an e-mail sign up so that you're notified when I publish a new entry. I'd love comments, too. So far, I've got a couple people commenting and they've won a free game from me as a result. (Purchased for them through Humble so I could apply part of the purchase to Extra Life!) I may also resume game giveaways on Steamgifts if I have enough followers to warrant it. The Blog: Gamer Reverie Thank you in advance to anyone who at least read this!
  4. I should maybe be ashamed of this, but the bulk of my game hoard comes from trying to have diversity in the things I stream for Extra Life! I've gained more than half of my games in the past year... and they were usually on sale or gifts. /justification of a guilty conscience P.S. 1980 of the hours are for LOTRO alone.
  5. I should also note that having an agenda laid out like this REALLY helped the hours speed by for me. It didn't really feel like 24 hours, even though the sleepiness I felt in the last 2 hours told me otherwise.
  6. If you do an image search in Google and use the format "GAME NAME steam header" it will show you the images Steam uses for the games, or other sites they're sold on (or reviewed on). The Steam headers are all typically the same size with few exceptions, which helps make things look uniform. I had to use the images as tiles to rearrange until I felt I had a good agenda set up for the marathon -- I'm a visual sort of person. Glad I could inspire some people, and I hope you've all done well! The starry background is the same I used for my Twitch overlay -- for more uniformity. In retail we call it branding -- and it works. (My overlay preview, using my Steam user icon as placeholder for my webcam in the bottom left:
  7. Last year, I found that people wanted to plan ahead for what they tuned in to watch. So this year I went ahead and made a pretty graphic to help people know when they'd want to tune in to my Twitch channel. Here it is, if anyone's interested or wants some inspiration to do the same!
  8. I play RIFT, but not on that server -- and I usually avoid the PvP and Raids. I'm a PvE/landscape kind of person and have yet to find a guild in the game that was worth joining as a result. Best of luck to you!
  9. My offered incentive if I reached $400 in donations was to put multiple games up on Steamgifts. I wanted to let you guys know so you could have a shot at winning, too! Keep up all the great work! You can find the links to each of them here:
  10. I would think the easiest way would be a webcam and, depending on your broadcasting software, set it to capture a specific section of your screen where your webcam is displaying what it's picking up.
  11. I've been doing weekly streams since the end of April! I'm up to 33 followers mostly because I've also been doing weekly giveaways on Steamgifts and advertising the fact I'm doing the weekly streams for Extra Life. Here's a link to my current giveaway: My channel: (Complete with splash image to let you know when my stream is.) My lineup in the coming weeks: Week of September 14th: Castle Crashers (Giveaway: Max Payne 3) Week of September 21st: Antichamber (Giveaway: Dino D-Day -- PLUS extra giveaways because I reached my $400 milestone!) Week of September 28th: Brütal Legend (Giveaway: Bardbarian) Week of October 5th: Secrets of Raetikon (Giveaway: Bully: Scholarship Ed.) Week of October 12th: Guacamelee! Gold Edition (Giveaway: Merry Payday Christmas Soundtrack x3) Week of October 19th: Costume Quest (Giveaway: Nihilumbra) *October 25th: 24-hour Marathon @ 8 AM* (Giveaway: It's a secret for now, but it has a $60 pricetag!)
  12. Alright! Someone else who's looking forward to Dreamfall Chapters!
  13. Hopefully there are more people! Thanks for being such an inspiration, Sapience.
  14. Hi! My name is Carla, but you can call me snarkqueen. I found Extra Life because of Sapience -- I'd been playing Lord of the Rings Online for a few months and happened to see he was raising money for Team Turbine in 2012. I donated that year, and in addition to a donation in 2013 I also signed up to do Extra Life myself. It was an amazingly rewarding experience, so this year I started early and have been doing weekly streams since the end of April. I am playing for Children's National in D.C. because the majority of my friends are scattered everywhere, including other countries. This felt like the best hospital choice for me if I wanted to net donations from everyone without anyone feeling slighted. I am primarily a PC gamer, as the only console I have is an old PS2. I'm still working on broadening the scope of games I play, and I'm pretty terrible at most of them. Happy to play with others on Steam, and you can find me there as snarkqueen. Same name on Twitch.
  15. Depending on your subscription, Xsplit has a certain number of Scenes available to be set up on its interface. These scenes can make or break a stream for you. I'm by no means a streaming guru, but I have found certain things to be helpful and give a stream a more professional feel to it (which makes it more enjoyable for others to watch). Most of my suggestions below are about those scenes. First, if you are streaming regularly for the sake of raising funds for Extra Life, it is a GREAT idea to have a Thank You scene which indicates which hospital you are raising funds for and how much you appreciate viewers tuning in to the stream. This is also a good place to display your Extra Life page URL. I typically queue up this scene right after my game. Scenes don't have to be complex. Most of my non-game scenes feature a header text, a little explanatory text, an image (which can be edited via the Settings option at the bottom of the interface, with a variety of different options at your disposal), and background music (see next paragraph). A URL can be displayed on a scene that's going to be viewable for a minute or more, allowing people to type it into their browsers. Keep in mind that you can also ditch that black screen of nothingness and make an image fill the whole scene. This helps make it look a little less like a PowerPoint presentation. Music sets the mood. Going with the assumption that you know what the sources are (and if not, the FAQ on their website is going to be far more helpful to you than this thread), there is a particular source you can add to the default list: Add Video Playlist. What this source allows you to do is queue up saved videos that are on your computer. I use this feature in the background of the scene (behind an image or on full transparency) and visit YouTube for a video of a song from the OST of whatever game I am playing -- or in the case of my weekly Steamgifts giveaways I choose a song from that game. So long as you are using game soundtrack music that doesn't have a separate copyright, the new audio censorship on Twitch won't mute your saved stream. If you only care about the live stream or you aren't using Twitch, pick any old music video you like! Set up an AFK screen. Trust me on this one. You may think you can stream without any troubles, but inevitably there's a knock at your door or a phone rings or suddenly you are regretting that stack of burritos from Taco Bell. My AFK screen is a silly cat picture with the Intermission music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail on loop (courtesy of the source mentioned in the previous paragraph). Something entertaining will help keep your viewers from wandering away on you. Do a 5-minute local recording you can play back at your own leisure to get an idea of your volume settings for voice and game. This will let you find just the right balance so people aren't deafened by you, nor are they struggling to hear you over game sounds. Doing this also gives you the opportunity to play around with the different ways you can move between your scenes. (And did I mention you can save broadcast set-ups? That means you can do one set of scenes for one stream, and set up another set for the next game, etc.) There are different effects that Xsplit lets you use when changing scenes, and doing a test local recording lets you see what looks and feels best for your stream. On the subject of scrolling text, I have just one thing to say: Enter a LOT of spaces after your text so it is not constantly parading across your game like a stock exchange ticker tape. Usually if it is brief and you've entered a waffleface amount of spaces after the text to slow down the frequency of its visibility, people are less likely to be annoyed by it. Less is more, after all. I highly recommend getting even a basic subscription for Xsplit if you're going to use it. That allows you to use the game source for your stream instead of choosing a section of your screen, and it also gives you better stream quality options. If you're only planning to stream on marathon day, then that may not be the best option for you -- but I have found it to be worthwhile.
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