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  1. A neat way some doctors at our hospital are using Pokemon Go to make the healing process easier. Read the whole article here.

    "MILWAUKEE -- The Pokémon Go craze has caused distractions that have led to injuries. But at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, it's the distraction that makes the app worth playing.

    A challenge between doctor and patient to find Pokémon characters -- it's not what you would expect to find at Children's Hospital. But Dr. David Margolis is loving its beneficial effects on his patients. For one, it lets kids be kids. 


    "So what if he just had a bone marrow transplant -- we can do it within the rules," Dr. Margolis said.

    Secondly, it plays a role in the healing process. 

    "He won't realize that he's walking laps and it's important for the lungs. We get the lungs opened up.  We get the muscle tone back," Margolis said."

  2. We tried this in MKE/MAD. My only suggestion is to make sure that you're making that outreach to businesses before delivering materials. We found that flyering up a city's businesses without any prior knowledge was largely ineffective and that a few emails back and forth with the business to build that connection first lead to more signups because of them.

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  3. That's a lot of recruitment events! Good job on your team's part getting out there as much as possible! Is there a specific approach you take when recruiting folks at these events? I'm curious how your team likes to start the conversation. :)

  4. 20 hours ago, Dj-Sparky said:

    I'd like to apply for the Stream Team, to possibly get a time slot on the Official Twitch page. Right now, i have a tendancy to stream from 4-11 hours, per session. So i can amend my hours a bit, for a short session, based on schedule. I can configure my Scene 3, with the overlay, once again. To use specifically for Stream team hours. I could really use the followers/viewers. So i am trying to put myself out there, for any hosting, to bolster my numbers a bit. Not sure where i go to apply, or where to see the stream slots available. So any info will be appreciated.


    Awesome! To apply, go to this thread and click the link under "How to Apply". Be sure to review the whole post as there are a number of rules to make sure your stream is consistent with the message of Extra Life and you can check out all the open slots at this link here!

  5. On 5/17/2016 at 10:48 AM, RyanCryptic said:

    There's lots of reasons why I've got myself involved in charity work and Extra Life. Growing up, I never had to experience a disability or serious illness. I had friends in school with special needs, learning disabilities, etc., but I never knew what it was like. It kept me grounded and grateful for the things I have. Since high school, I've always participated in clubs that included the students with special needs. Because they're like anyone else. They want friends and they want to be part of a group. I think that's why I've been a big supporter for Extra Life. Gaming just brings people together regardless of age, gender, race, etc. Since getting approved for our own Extra Life community here in Buffalo, NY, I'm dedicated to do even more for our community. It's what I love.


    I have a very similar story. I feel very fortunate to have had a very smooth childhood growing up, but I've seen the impact that my children's hospital has had on friends and family through out my life and I wanted to help them keep miracles coming. :)

  6. I've found that the social events are also great for networking potential recruitment opportunities in the future. Consider having your social nights at places you think might be a good match for Extra Life events, but you're not entirely sure how to execute it. One example we've had up north here is a local laser tag place that after we had gone to socially a few times, started running Extra Life events themselves. Your first focus should of course be to have fun, but if the people who run the place get curious about Extra Life, everyone wins. :)

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  7. Great hussle on the local stream team idea. A regularly scheduled stream can do a whole lot to help your registration numbers and has the added benefit of helping other guilds as well. For example, before Puerto Rico had enough Extra Lifers to start their own guild, a few of the most active players ran a daily twitch stream with each other and basically earned themselves a guild from how effectively they spread the word. Keep up the awesome work on this.


    A little feedback on the main topic of this thread though: Be careful about dedicating too many resources on things like giveaways. Stats show that while giveaways and contests can provide a boost of sign ups, the number of those folks who actually go home and activate their accounts is actually quite low. (I can speak from experience on that. :S) Consider focusing more on low cost impact items. For example, a welcome pack with more detailed information, a thank you note from your guild, an Extra Life pin, some candy, and/or a promotional item like a jelly bracelet from your hospital. Relatively inexpensive in that it's mostly produced in house, weeds out folks just looking for a freebie, and has a longer lasting impact in promoting the cause. :)

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  8. Hey y'all. Excited to help the midwest really bring the fire this year. (You may have seen me floating around your forums already. :) ) If you aren't on a coast and need advice on how to make your guild rock, hit me up.

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