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  1. Nope. Nope nope nope. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope.
  2. Sgoast

    Post Your PSN ID!

    Who's ready to see "Sgoast has played TowerFall Ascension 10 times" in their friends list? PSN ID: Sgoast
  3. How is no one praising the system seller that is TANK! TANK! TANK!?
  4. Last year, I just started off with something simple like this and with a little finagling in XSplit, it turned into something like this... (Ignore the text bubble. It's the same screenshot I was using to attract sponsors/donors.)
  5. So this came to mind after today's big Reddit news. Our guild program is doing a fantastic job bringing new folks into the fold through community outreach, one on one conversations with businesses, and essentially putting a public face on the event. This got me thinking, what if we could take some of the strategies we've learned from the guild program and apply it to probably one of the most important recruiting outlets we have: Online. Let's use this thread to organize online communities we've reached out in some way or another so we know we aren't making duplicate threads and can support the ones that have already been made. A few important things to keep in mind: Please post here to claim a site before starting to create a new thread there. This way you can write your post without worrying about someone sniping it from you as you write your long, informative superpost! Also, a huge part of this is ensuring we're respectful of the communities we'll be engaging with, so I'm going to request that people who are already active on these forums should be the ones to spearhead when a new thread is required. This way it doesn't look like we're only there to plug our stuff and then disappear without contributing anything otherwise. Also, feel free to share tips in this thread on how to create an informative first post, as it'll likely be many people's first impression of what Extra Life is! Active GamersWithJobs - Giant Bomb - Reddit - Claimed But Not Created Yet Needs New Thread/Thread Not Found Destructoid - Game Informer - Major League Gaming - NeoGAF - Newgrounds - Penny Arcade Forums (Previous threads defunct for 3 years) - Something Awful (Previous thread archived) - Steampowered - xkcd - This will be a constantly updated list. Please don't hesitate to suggest any communities missing from the list!
  6. I can't begin to emphasize how true this is. The worst thing that can ever happen is someone says no, and honestly, those hard asks are the ones you learn the most from. If you ever need a pick me up after a sluggish day of "no"s, take a look at all the people who said yes and realize how much they love you and respect you for doing what you're doing. It's helped me a lot in the past.
  7. I currently have 460 games and 330+ DLC. I think I have a problem.
  8. Hey y'all. My name is Greg. This is my second year playing for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. I'm the Milwaukee/Madison guild prez-o-dent, and I play a little bit of everything! I have just under 500 games on Steam, over 1000+ songs in Rock Band, a sizable on disk game collection, and apparently have more money than common sense. My favorite Mario Kart character is Wario because I feel he represents me in a deep and meaningful way. Happy to be here!
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