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  1. But the minutes should be a recap of what was discussed....not the follow up results, the results can be sent on at a later date once confirmed. Besides that the logo was released 2 weeks ago! Shouldn't the meetings or at very least hangouts be intended to foster discussion around other events? Simply waiting on just Fan Expo seems very short sighted...for example there is a GBC Game Jam this weekend that says it will have an Arcade and Social aspect we could have had a table there but likely missed the boat. I would have thought by looking at the Guild handbook it's the role of leadership team to be scoping out multiple events. As much as anything the meetings are also a chance to get the social side of things up and running another part we are completely lacking in up to this point. EDIT: I'd like to point out I get it everyone has lives etc... but it's very frustrating that we just don't hear anything! Would it have done any harm to send out a quick email saying "hey no meeting this month due to XYZ and we are following up on this and that" instead I've had to come on and ask.
  2. Last month meeting was arranged super late and the previous was just a google hangout, I wanted to check if one is happening and where it will be, as were are approaching the third Thursday of the month. It's really inconvenient to leave people hanging and waiting, we don't all have the advantage of living right downtown, whereabouts downtown can make a big difference to any necessary arrangements to leave work early etc... Also were there any minutes from the last meeting? I've gone back through my emails and all I can find is the general Extra Life email for the month of May. It's a little disheartening that after the great launch we saw we've got a President who doesn't even seem to come in here and a general lack of information from the rest of team.
  3. Awesome Job now to get it printed on a tshirt!
  4. Didn't realize it was so soon! I'm unfortunately away on vacation that weekend! Good Luck everyone!
  5. I'm kinda the opposite of you...mildly curious and no one to play with! So if there is a group who want to try get together I'm down.
  6. Haha I held out till Sunday....and then bought one....when really I wanted four.
  7. Sounds good I'll be there! I might just be speaking for myself but it would be great if some meetings weren't Downtown Toronto just because 6.30pm start time means leaves trying to get out of work early which isn't always possible! Like I said might just be me so not to worry! Good to know that hopefully 3rd Thursday of the month will be consistent makes it a bit easier for sure. Anyway see you all on the 19th!
  8. I couldn't "attend" the meeting due to the short notice (hoping that's just a one off as we've got a rush on to get set for EGLX) anyway I can man the stall on the Friday afternoon, I won't need a pass as I've already got a weekend pass as I'm attending anyway. If I can leave work early enough on the Thursday I can also help with the set up and I'll likely be around till the end on Sunday so can help pull it down too.
  9. Does it really clash with so many other events? That's annoying especially considering EGLX was supposed to be back in November!
  10. Let's get some chatter going! What's everyone playing this weekend? I'm gonna play some Quantum Break as my new shiny shiny game. Also plan on chilling to some Big Fest on Vita whilst watching TV.
  11. flameboyNE



    I'll be there for all 3 days. I may be able to man the stand during some point depending on other commitments.
  12. Thank you for believing in us! I'm so excited for the next few months!
  13. Just to say great to meet everyone tonight! I'm excited to see where we can take things in putting Toronto on the Extra Life Map!
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