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  1. A little further info in this. I deal with Smile for SideQuest. Amazon gets their info from a company called GuideStar. GuideStar bases their info off an organizations EID. Since Extra Life is just a program of CMNH, and not a separate charity, it'll never have its own smile profile. *====== THE MORE YOU KNOW
  2. Want to help Extra Life at RTX? Head on over to this Doodle poll and put your name and which shifts you'd be willing to work! Volunteers will be provided a badge.
  3. Hey there friends! RTX is right around the corner! National has purchased booth space on the expo floor and we'll need you to help staff it! If you would like to help out, come on down to our next Guild Meeting on 5/28! You can find out all the details over on the Guild Calendar! On a related note, our Guild meetings will be moving from the second Saturday of every month to the fourth Saturday. This will allow us to take advantage of some messaging opportunities that will hopefully bring new people into the Guild. <3 Dan
  4. hey man - can you pin the master volunteer signup sheet? i keep losing it (current status: lost)

  5. Might I suggest opening the site in a private or incognito window? This would help eliminate anything on the browser side that might be interfering.
  6. Thus ones a bit too technical. Sounds like a great question for!
  7. What a great idea! We're totally stealing this.
  8. Question for everybody: April 30th vs May 14th Guild Meeting? What works for everyone?
  9. Howdy Guildies! March and April have been rather weird months for our Guild. Kip Holmes, our hospital rep, retired in early March without a replacement on hand to take over the reigns. That left us without a way to pay for booths and put us in limbo for much of March and part of April. So things kinda stalled out. A NEW PLAYER HAS JOINED THE PARTY! What luck! A new CMNH Representative has appeared and taken control of our little Guild! Her name is Virginia Tamplen! Virginia comes to us via the Medical Center Health System in Odessa, Texas! Mother to three adopted boys, Virginia is excited to come on board and has many ideas to help us grow in our mission to recruit new players for Dell Children's! It's taken everything I have to not make the obvious Train reference. WHAT'S THIS?! MORE CHANGES?!?! Why yes brave soul! More changes! Per the Guild Handbook rules, Virginia has selected a new leadership team for the 2016-2017 term. I will remain as President to help Virginia as she comes on board with the Extra Life program. Valarie Malcomb has accepted the position of Guild Vice President! Valarie joined the Guild last year and brings to bear event organization experience to benefit the kids at Dell Children's! Christina Hinson has accepted the position of Guild Secretary! Christina joined us after RT SideQuest's Extra Life Game Day event at Gamerz Galaxy! She's a Guardian Team Leader at RTX and looks forward to helping kids right here in Austin! Grady Bailey has accepted the Leader position on the new Guild Entertainment Committee! Grady comes to us as the current Charity Director of RT SideQuest! He's charged with making sure the Guild has fun! Welcome to the team everybody! We're excited about what's in store for 2016! Urgent Volunteer need We have finally confirmed a table for HavenCon on April 22-24th! We need volunteers to staff the booth all three days. If you can help out, please head on over to the Upcoming Recruitment Events thread and click on the Master Volunteer Schedule and place your name in a schedule slot! UPDATE: We signed up about 70 new players! A lot of people from all around Texas! April Guild Meeting! Because of all the weirdness I mentioned at the top of the post, the April Guild Meeting didn't go off as scheduled. I'm tentatively rescheduling for Saturday, April 30th at 11AM at the Dave & Buster's near the Arboretum. We'll have some lunch, talk about and then play some games! Since this is so close to May, we'll probably just make May's Guild meeting a special fun day for everyone! Got anything new for us? Have you heard of any new events around town! Sound off below and the new Leadership team will get right on it! See y'all at the next Guild meeting! <3 Dan
  10. hey - can you pin the master volunteer schedule in a new topic? i had to go looking for it yesterday, it ought to be "right out front"

  11. Nope! Discord! You can join via web browser so you don't have to download anything.
  12. MrArcys

    2016 Recruitment Events

    Pictures from all of the events we recruited at in 2016!
  13. This month's Guild Meeting is going VIRTUAL! This will be our first Guild meeting hosted on the internet so that everyone can attend! Date: Saturday, March 12th Time: 2PM Where: This is our first go-around with a virtual meeting, so we'll see how it goes! Catch ya on the intrablogs!
  14. Certainty! We were working with them last year when it was just RePlay Symphony. When they converted to Zelda, they stopped responding to emails. Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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