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  1. Yiddleja

    Video Games Live

    Anyone going to VGL tonight?
  2. Yiddleja


    Yeah doing the 24 hrs is a challenge but so worth it. Did it for the first time last year and the hardest part was being alone grinding away the last few hours. It'll be fun to have people to talk too in those late hrs. Maybe Skype calls or something along those lines!
  3. Yiddleja


    sweet glad to see everyone starting to creep their way in here. This is gonna be fun.
  4. I will also be at Video Games Live. I will wear my shirt from last year and probably bring my medal also. We can also look into Geek Market. I haven't been to this yet but it is coming up next month as well. http://geekmarket.ca/
  5. I think this is a fantastic idea. Would definetly make it easier for people to find us and to promote.
  6. Awesome. Congrats to everyone and looking forward to our next meeting.
  7. Yiddleja


    Was fun and interesting to meet everyone tonight. Hopefully we can make something awesome with this new network!!! I was the guy with the gremlins hat on
  8. Yiddleja


    Glad to meet you. I too will be looking forward to the meeting. This should be fun!!!!
  9. Yiddleja


    I will definetly be at this meeting. Looking forward to meeting other Extra-Lifers and spreading the word throughout the city of this great cause.
  10. first year doing this and it was a blast. By hour 21 thought I was crashing and fast. I had to muscle my way through those last few hours and felt rather accomplished getting it all done. I streamed through my Xbox One for the entire event and it went rather well from what I could see. Was able to surpass my goal of 1000$. I sit at 1249 at the moment with a few money buckets stashed in various areas for me to go collect. If all goes well I break through the 1300$ mark. I will definetly be there next year and plan to join a team even.
  11. http://www.twitch.tv/yiddleja Will be streaming on my Xbox One
  12. Loved the Beta and pre-ordered the game. Love it so far!!!!
  13. Just joined the Xbox Clan...I play on Xbox One.
  14. Just posting here to see if anyone else is participating this year. I know that someone did in the past (2013) for the CHEO but nothing seems to be up yet for 2014.
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