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  1. Starting today at around 5:15pm EDT, the GUIDs reported in the donation list are the last part of the GUID, instead of the whole thing. I noticed because that's how I check for new donations, and imagine my surprise when my poller suddenly reports a bunch of new donations all at once that look like old ones.
  2. At 10:40 EDT this morning, a donation record showed up in the new API's donation listing endpoint that doesn't show up on the site or in the old JSON integration method. It turned out to be the same amount as the registration fee, and the timestamp indicated that it probably was exactly that. It was a few milliseconds off from the timestamp of the donation that I added on when I registered.
  3. As of 11:21am EDT this morning, trying to get the JSON donation data is resulting in a 404 (not found) error from the server. If the "format=json" parameter is left off of the URL, the page loads perfectly well. I don't recall seeing any announcement about a new method for obtaining this data, so I can only assume it was an accident.
  4. Correction... looks like it is using the HTML5 viewer, but it's just kinda small. I guess I need to see what I can do as far as the embed settings.
  5. Figured out why it wasn't working on my home network: IPv6. I have IPv6 enabled on my home network, which most people don't. It's not enabled with my phone's tethering, either, which is why it worked in that case. The server that the editor uses to try to get page metadata ( advertises an IPv6 address, which Chrome normally prefers, but it doesn't support it nearly as well. The request is completed nearly instantly when hitting the IPv4 address for that server, but times out after over 2 minutes with IPv6. Thanks to being able to override DNS results through my router, I have a workaround. Unfortunately, the embed rendering is still fairly dated.
  6. That was after a couple of days of communicating with them trying to figure it out. My last email to them was that I found a workaround, but it was only a workaround instead of a real fix, and that the updated embed rendering would be nice to see. There are a couple of debugging methods I haven't tried yet, so I might dig deeper at some point and see if I can figure out what's going on. If nothing else, I can always put in a link to the Twitch channel.
  7. Sorry about the delay... have been busy. As far as getting it to work on a basic level, it seems to be something with Comcast or my router config, but without knowing what the editor Javascript is doing I can't tell exactly what the problem is. I can get it to work by using my cell phone as a hotspot, but that's not very viable long-term. If I knew what the Javascript was doing, maybe then I'd also be able to know who to blame for using outdated HTML when rendering the embed.
  8. As far as I can tell, the editor is using JavaScript/DHTML, not Java, but neither should be conflicting with my network. I imagine I wouldn't be able to edit the page at all if it were.
  9. Was able to get around the problem, but I'm still not sure what the problem is. I could get the embed function (such as it is) to work using my phone as a hotspot, but can't through my home network, so it's either something in my router or something the server they're accessing to get the embed information doesn't like about my public IP address. Without knowing what it's doing, though, I have no idea what to do about it.
  10. Thanks! Just tried on Firefox (with and without filters) and IE 11, and in each case got the same error. Hopefully they'll be able to figure something out.
  11. I did try that, and that's where I saw the error message. I have some content filter extensions in my browser, but get the error even after disabling those. What browser are you using? The latest version of Chrome here, and I can try Firefox tomorrow if it might help. I'll go ahead and send in a support request about it, as it should work but apparently has some issues. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the reply. I tried the embed feature with that URL format (changed to match my Twitch channel, of course), but got the error message "Media Content could not be retrieved. Please try a different URL." I know that there used to be a setting on Twitch to enable or disable embedding video, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore, so I'm not sure what would be blocking it if anything. I do have "allow others to export video" disabled, but that appears to be related to YouTube exporting, not embedding the stream in other sites.
  13. Still trying to figure this out for 2017. It would be handy if the Extra Life site allowed plugging HTML directly into the page, as that's all that Twitch seems to provide as far as embed code. I've tried using the "embed content" feature of the editor, but currently get an error or nothing at all as a result, no matter what form of URL I try.
  14. I'm doing my 24 a couple of weeks early this year, due mostly to work-related things. If you're not also doing yours this weekend, feel free to come hang out! A game giveaway will be active for the duration of the stream. Details can be found here:
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