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  1. Still "tuned" here... nothing? Usually it's Septemberish... and now that it's August, time will be getting short for planning activities at hospitals and outside sponsors who wanted to do something. Any closer to an announcement?
  2. until
    The Malted Meeple will be hosting a 12-hour mini-marathon of D&D: Rage of Demons in support of Extra Life. The main table is already full... however, The Malted Meeple is a board game cafe with 100 other games to play as well as drinks, milkshakes and snacks! You will have the opportunity to convert your table fee to a donation to Extra Life benefitting Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, plus other opportunities to learn more about Extra Life and how you too can PLAY GAMES, HEAL KIDS! Come out and watch the fun unfold in the marathon, or participate yourself by bringing you friends and playing other games. It's sure to be a fun TableTop gaming day! More info about The Malted Meeple here: I will need a couple of Guild volunteers to work a table recruiting folks for Extra Life throughout the 12 hours. RSVP and let me know what shifts you can work.
  3. until
    We will have a table in the lobby to recruit before the screening of the film. Need 2-3 folks to work the table.
  4. until
    I need volunteers for this event. It will be from 11-9, so I will need folks there by 10am to setup the table. And then I need folks to work shifts. Please RSVP with what shift you'd be able to cover at this event! It's going to be a good one!
  5. groundedGeek

    Con on the Cob

    Con on the Cob is all things to all people. It’s a gaming con, chock full of RPGs, board games, card games, party games, and all sorts of that kind of jazz. It’s also an art fair, with a large selection of talented artists in attendance and an amazing abundance of fantasty, science fiction, horror, and geeky art and art activities. Oh, and it’s The Mother of All Marketplaces, with over 50 vendors showcasing a wide variety of jazz, snazz, and zazz, boosting the geekonomy like old school Robin Hoods (but without the stealing and the giving stuff away for free (ok, not like Robin Hoods. I failed analogy class in Kindergarten). Don’t forget the parties… Did I mention the parties? There are parties. A LOT of them. Also there are other things, like our amazing special Guests, the Children of the Cob, the Comedy Music Extravagasm!, a super sweet Auction, a Games Library, free snacks in the Con Suite, Panels, Workshops, and Demos, a whole track of Cosplay and Fandom related activities, and a massive horde of potential friends and peeps who dig the same things you dig! UPDATE: FYI, we have a table at this con in the front area, but we will NOT have access to the premium areas of the Con, unless you buy a badge. It is no charge to simply come and work the table for Extra Life, but if you want to do other stuff, you'll need to register. Table Hours: Thursday 11am-8pm Friday 8:30am - 8pm Saturday 8:30am - 8pm Sunday 8:30 - 5pm
  6. groundedGeek


    NyanCon is a one-day, freeanime and pop culture convention in Northeast Ohio sponsored by Anime Anonymous of Lakeland Community College. All fandoms are welcome at the best Caturday ever! We will have a table in the gaming area for recruiting purposes!!!
  7. So Youtube's gaming streaming capabilities actually look pretty cool so far. Anyone checking this out? Anyone using? Preferences between Twitch and Youtube, etc?
  8. Not sure how I missed that... I was almost positive I put that as an option! Added now
  9. until
    Cleveland Guild meeting at the Garfield Heights branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Opportunity to meet other Extra Lifers and discuss some of the upcoming opportunities to spread the word in Cleveland over the next month.
  10. Export them as what exactly? Could really use some more explicit instructions for this tool. Also, when entering if you just leave the hospital blank will it auto populate using the zip code as you mentioned above?
  11. Hi folks! Welcome to the Cleveland Guild forum. Just a few details if you'd like to get more information: President: Jeff @groundedGeek Vice-President: Scott @ExtremeGamer Feel free to get in contact for more information on how we're trying to spread the word about Extra Life in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Check the community calendar for meeting dates and times, we're meeting once a month over the months leading up to the big event date... so check in!
  12. until
    Cleveland Guild meeting at the Garfield Heights branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Opportunity to meet other Extra Lifers and discuss some of the upcoming opportunities to spread the word in Cleveland over the next month.
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