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  1. Walk to help digestion. Drink plenty of fluids, for example grape juice or hot tea. FitnessCheif Carbonated drinks can also help. Take a hot dip bath or use a heating pad on the abdomen. This will relax the muscles and sometimes allow the obstruction to resolve. Gently massage around your stoma to stimulate the evacuation of the blockage. Check if your stoma is inflamed. If so, replace the bag and drill a larger hole in your adhesive wafer. Try different positions, such as lying on your side, or keeping your butt elevated in the air and your head resting on your forearms. If you repeatedly have obstructions, your doctor may send you home with a sterile rubber catheter to self-catheterize your stoma. Only perform this step if instructed by the doctor. If none of these treatments resolve the blockage, call the doctor again and wait for further instructions. What can I expect when I arrive at the hospital? The types of treatments and procedures you can receive (or not) are:
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