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  1. SportsFriends has a number of particularly fun games.
  2. I'm playing Bearmonk#1434 if I don't already have you. I tend to run with several guys from work, but there's usually a spot open for whatever we're doing.
  3. Bearmonk


    Is anyone else playing? It's pretty amazing little survival sandbox game. Tons of fun so far.
  4. Hiya Vash, We are indeed having a guild relaunch meeting tonight in fact. Sorry its such a last minute response. I hope to see you there!
  5. Hey all, I just wanted to share our latest podcast. We had a great conversation with the Rooneys this weekend. What an amazing pair of human beings! There's a few audio problems, but if you can tolerate a bit of echo, it was a pretty great conversation!
  6. Bearmonk


    If only this was a F2P title...that monthly sub is just something I can't justify right now.
  7. I actually use this freeware called VoiceMeeter. It acts as a mixer, allowing you to to have 2 inputs for those times you might have someone streaming with you. It also allows you to mix levels between the game and your mic a little easier. So far as not having double game sounds from your mic picking up your speakers output, you'll probably want to get a cardioid mic. This will allow you to adjust the reception pattern to be just the front of the mic. While that will help some, it won't eliminate all the background noise. You'll additionally want to lower your mic's levels in windows. For instance I use a Blue Yeti, which I run no higher then like 20, usually lower. This in combination with having your mic fairly close to your mouth will help a great deal in reducing any feedback. *End Wall of Text*
  8. Anyone else other then me trying this out?
  9. I like it. I hadn't thought about the elevator pitch. Thanks!
  10. Much appreciated. There's no real rush so whenever you guys can help. I'd guess I'm not the only one trying to do some comms with their employer.
  11. So I'm trying to get my company, Accenture, a bit more involved with Extra Life. I've setup a donation path through our myGiving tool which allows employees to make donation via payroll deduction and I'm in the process of getting with our local communications team. I was hoping to get some guidance on what we'd put into a weekly newsletter type of thing. A call to action, and a brief explanation seem to be the obvious bits, but I wanted to post here to see if anyone had any suggestions and/or maybe @Sapience has a boiler plate thing that CMN uses already for this type of comms. Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. Indeed that's why I stream my game day activities as well. I was mostly just speaking specifically about the overall impact of having a stream on your donation generation. Realistically, your friends and family would have donated to you without a stream in the mix and that's AWESOME, but you're not likely to generate any new donations through a stream unless you're a well established streamer. But yeah...I love the whole idea of streaming. My first year participating in Extra Life actually kind of ignited a new hobby in the form of a weekly video podcast and the occasional stream to support that podcast. It's actually kind of odd for me as I'm not super comfortable with public speaking type situations, but I'm finding the more we do the podcast the more comfortable I am in front of a camera. Now if I can just start making some jokes that are funny. I'm told that's the purpose of jokes in general
  13. San Antonio being such a table top heavy town has had this kind of modified approach, since we started. In fact our best contributors (by this I mean businesses) are actually the table top/comic shops. They give us an immense amount of support through giveaways, as well as, opportunities to show up to their events.
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