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  1. I downloaded a JS editor and made the changes, only problem is that JS apparently dosen't care for our weird accents our letters when I translate it word for word (Notre montant récolté) sooo... I changed the text for both the participant and team boxes so they both say the same thing which translates to Donation's Total, hope it's still ok. Unfortunately I can't insert a JS file into this forum so do you have an idea how to make the helper.js file available to you? *** I've also realized that Total Hours Played translates to Total d'Heures Jouées which is also messing up so I changed it to Total d'Heures Faites which means Total Hours Done... stupid accents!!
  2. Hello @bread_man ! Great work you're doing on those overlays!! I was wondering though if you could help me out a bit... would it be possible for you to show me how to modify the source code so the overlay would be in french? Everything is in english in OBS and etc so I'm working on changing all that to french to appeal more to people where I'm from but I don't want to end up with overlays mismatching with the rest. Also, I'm not really good at this... does this overlay work with streamlabs OBS or just the regular OBS? Thank you for your time! -Max
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