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  1. Hello! I'm writing this because I would like some feedback. I'm still new to the whole Extra Life thing and I'm forced to work under some restrictions. A little about myself first! I met my wife because of Extra Life and because of that I'm very thankful for this platform. She inspired me to get involved, so in the past I served more as a cheerleader in the background cheering her on. Earlier this year, I helped as she completed one of her incentives (she ate the world's hottest chocolate while being interviewed about Extra Life). While I still want to be her cheerleader, pom poms and all, I also want to contribute. Which bring us to the restriction... My wife and I live in Mississippi... rural Mississippi at that. As a result, internet options are limited. Streaming just isn't an option where we live and while we would love to one day move to a place with better internet so we can stream, it just isn't feasible at this time. Instead, we've opted to explore different routes to promote Extra Life. My wife has a blog (GamerReverie) and a YouTube channel (same name). I've also started a YouTube channel (PrepareToIndie). Since late last week, I've made it my goal to post videos daily (except for Sunday because that's when we work with the church youth). I want to use my YouTube channel to promote Extra Life but I'm not sure how to grow my channel so that I can use it in such a way. Last week, I started releasing my "I love you, Colonel Sanders" Let's Play, as well as a collaborative project (w/ my wife) where we play the cooperative puzzle game, Tick Tock: A Tale for Two. I also started releasing videos for my Code Vein Let's Play. So, let's get down to brass tacks... here's what I'm asking you good folks for... A.) What kind of content (gaming content) would you watch a channel for? At the present moment I'm only doing Let's Play's. B.) Do you have any advice on how to grow the channel - I know content is king - hence question #1? C.) Do you think YouTube can be effectively leveraged to promote Extra Life?
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