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  1. I was wondering if there was any movement on making the currency exchange aspect of international donations more transparent and accurate in 2019? Last year my canadian-based team raised what the site says is 4,400 dollars, but we know that isn't actually the true number. Some of that was donated before CAD donations were allowed, some was donated from US addresses, someone donated through applepay with a canadian addresses, and during that time 50 USD would be almost 75 CAD. So it's either a higher amount (in CAD) or a lower amount (in USD), but there is no available breakdown of the true amount raised or disbursed, which we've received some scathing commentary on from donors. I'm getting pushback from my team about doing extra life again because of the fact that the money is so untraceable, and I'd like to know what the timeline is for making it better. Note: this could be fixed by letting each participant choose the currency they're fundraising in, same as they choose the hospital they fundraise for, or breaking down USD and CAD (or other currencies) into separate segments of the funds-raised bar, or keeping the funds-raised true USD by doing an instant conversion to USD when the donation is made and using that number instead of the CAD one.
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