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  1. Sfreddo


    Hey JSJO, welcome! I'm John the Detroit Guild President, it's great to have another member to the guild. Currently we're planning on setting up a booth at PenguiCon this coming weekend, you should swing by. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly, at Sincerely, John Sfreddo
  2. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well since our last meeting. Our April meeting has been confirmed, it will be at Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor at 7pm on Wednesday April 15th. The exact address is: 1214 S University Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48104 South University Ann Arbor As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to myself or the other members of the leadership team. This meeting is going to be a lot less formal than last time, so don't forget to bring some quarters for the arcade. If you have any ideas or topics you'd like us to discuss you can always email us ahead of time so we know to bring it up. Lastly, if the email address I used is not your prefered one please send me the correct one. Thanks guys,
  3. I could really use some help troubleshooting and testing my twitch channel. A lot of questions that I'm sure have simple answers but I am not able to track down online. If there is a veteran twitch user out there that has the time and patience to walk me through it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Good idea, I am now following all of you. Mine is
  5. but I still haven't figured out how it works, I could use some pointers.
  6. Thanks Tym for doing all the hard work in setting this up. Now its time to go and promote the heck out of it.
  7. Has anyone tried recruiting at college events before? I've been out of school a few years but I always had classes that had guest speakers and rewarded extra credit for participating in various studies or events. Plus it always looks good on a resume to have community activites and clubs. Just looking for some thoughts on the subject. Thanks, John
  8. Hey guys, A fellow Extra-Lifer and friend of mine Tym Kaywork are plotting-cough- ahem working* together on a joint Extra Life fundraiser. Its a March Madness bracket where half the the entry fee goes to Extra-Life Hospitals and the other half goes to the winner. This is a great way to introduce non gamers, but avid sports fans, to EL. I encourage you to join the bracket once its launched, you could always take the winnings and apply them to your campaign or fund your own campaign ideas. We are going to hatch out more of the details tomorrow so stay tuned. And as always you can contact me directly.
  9. Hey guys, Last year I made a video message to reach out for donations. I think it made a huge difference and helped my campaign immensely. I plan on doing it again this year, would any of you be interested in making one for your campaign? If so I'd like to help. There's a lot of work that goes into it and there are a lot of details to iron out but this post is to gauge interest. Just food for thought. John Sfreddo 586 484 3298
  10. OK Those are some great points, thanks everyone. Now I have a follow up question. Earlier this week I tried contacting the Motor City Comic Con, to see about getting Extra Life some exposure. The man in charge said he couldn't help me at all and seemed very uninterested in it entirely. He had already given out 2 booths for charities, both specifically comic centered, and wasn't willing to give out any more space because it would be a loss in revenue. I asked about paying for a spot, but it would be $500 a day. I asked about press passes or something along the lines of free admittance so at the very least we could walk the floor and tell people, again a flat no. Did I do something wrong, any suggestions on the best way to go about approaching this again? Should I reach out to my CMN rep for help, do they have more influence? Thanks, John
  11. I sent out Xbox live friend requests to SiNair212, MissCakeBake and Jaythedeuce. You three were the only ones so far to post your gamertags. Anyone else want to be my friend? I don't bite... usually.
  12. FYI my xbox live account is Sfreddo, I wasn't particularly creative.
  13. Well it seems wednesday's in Ann arbor seem to be the most popular choice as of now. Do we want to set a date for our next meeting? Perhaps March 18th?
  14. Hi everyone, John Sfreddo here. I've joined the Detroit guild that launched this year and I'm looking for any advice, tips tricks and cheat codes. I will be sifting through the various forum posts over the next couple of days but if you think of something please post. Primarily Im wondering how to go about setting up booths at expos, what's the best and most efficient way? Thanks For the kids!
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