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  1. The page didn't update. Looking at the "Your Page" link you can see it calling the donordrive API (both in the URL and in page elements if you inspect in your browser). However if you look at the "Donations" page you see the most recent information that's updating near real time. It looks like this is calling Extra-Life's API. This is the same API used by the "Extra Life Helper" application you can download in the "Resources" section. If you configure that (just edit the values in the .html file) it seems to be fine. But, as I was writing this up I noticed that the Helper was also reverting to the old number and then bouncing back after a refresh so it looks like everything is going through Donor Drive? All I can really say for sure at this point is that the "Your Page" link and the obs overlay are inaccurate, but the Helper java app is working. Can we get this in front of an Extra-Life team member?
  2. Okay, after a bit of further research it looks like it's the donordrive API that isn't updating. Playing with stuff that interacts directly with Extra Life's API I can get accurate information.
  3. I'm also experiencing this issue. My fundraising page ( is not keeping up with my donations received page. If I had to guess I would say this is an API issue as it's not updating my ticker ( either. I noticed this last night, which is not great as our marathon stream is tomorrow...
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