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Why I "Extra Life"

Let me share with you my "Why I Extra Life", as today it hits a little more home today. Cameron, my oldest child, has woken up past 2 days with allergic reactions. It makes me feel fortunate that I have the means and ability that should something go wrong in our lives we can fix it. Not everyone has that ability or option. Even with having insurance, some families still go bankrupt and some hospitals dont have the funds to do the research they need. While I dont directly have the ability to just give money to people for stuff like this, I do extra life so that we can all collectively make that happen. I have been in situations in my life where I'd have loved to go to a doctor, but it was not an option at the time. I am the master of my own world, and I choose to make the world a little bit better by helping where I can and how I can. How about you? Are you going to choose the same?

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