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  1. Hey everyone, In the past there was a way to add a badge in your email signature (i had it in outlook) to showcase people what % of your goal you had raised and allow people to click through to your fundraising page. Maybe i am just blind but i cannot seem to find that for this year's (2019) event. Anyone know where i can find this? Thanks
  2. Yeah I posted on the Astro, OBS forums and got in touch with Avermedia support and so far extra life is the only place that replied to me ?
  3. Yeah I could do that. I use the snowball as the mic for the chat and then use the astro for party chat. My goal was to have all my game plus party chat go through the capture card so you could hear it in stream. Probably could still do that if I have the stream port from the mixamp go to the audio in on the pc and set that up as desktop audio in obs. Not ideal but it should work. Just very annoyed that this is happening. Have had nothing but issues with the avermedia lgp lite; should have just gone elgato
  4. I have verified that sound does come out of the stream port on the Astro mixamp
  5. that is actually a really smart thing lol. I will try to connect a pair of headphones later today and see
  6. Hey everyone, so i need help. I have my ps4 outputting sound through the optical cable to my Astro mixamp tr. I hear, and people can hear me no problem. I have my hdmi going through a splitter and then one output goes to the tv and one goes to the hdmi in of my avermedia LGP lite. OBS picks up everything perfectly. Image is there, my blue snowball works for stream chat and my webcam works. All fine there. Problem is that OBS will not pick up any audio from the ps4 so no game sound or chat sound. I basically have a silent stream except for when i talk. The Astro mixamp tr is set to ps4 (red ring on the power button) and i have a regular 3.5 mm cable going from the stream port of the mixamp to the analog audio in of the avermedia lgp lite. I even opened up the capture card software and selected the analog port as the audio in. OBS keeps showing the capture card with no audio coming in. IF i put the mixamp in computer mode then OBS picks up the sound but my voice has an echo and everyone in my party chat can hear me. Before i had the Astro mixamp i would just have the audio come out via HDMI directly to the LGP lite, from there have an HDMI go to the TV and then use headphones connected to the TV and speak in the ps4 chat with a regular usb microphone connected to the ps4. OBS picked up all the sounds from the capture card and i had no issues Any suggestions?
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