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  1. thanks for the advice on the discord. I'll hop on there. As for screenshots im not sure they'd help But in short I'd like to have the game playing as the main screen/background. In the lower left hand corner I'd have video of myself and other players from webcam. And then I picture on the right hand side of the stream would have the banner which would display the thermostadt icon with progress on donations. This is code that extra life provides when you click on embed a banner icon from above.
  2. A panel inside of Youtube or like using OBS? I rarely live stream anything so I'm not real familiar the fine tuning of them. I plan to stream from PC with either Youtube or OBS(Twitch) based on which can display the banner. But also may stream from PS4 which I will see if that has any options tonight. I feel like it is based on the site you are streaming from..
  3. I guess im not sure If I goto my page for extra life there is a "Embed a Banner" options in the share section of the site. Trying to figure out if I can post it in a stream for viewers to see.
  4. This is the first time streaming the extra life fundraiser. Can you add the Goal Total embedded banner to a youtube or obs stream? Thanks for any help Rich
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