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  1. That's fantastic! Thank you again for all your help @bread_man, feeling 100% prepared now for our stream
  2. @bread_man another quick question related to your helper, although it's also a bit of a broader question regarding how extra-life operates. If you're running the helper in team mode, do you get popups/notifications for all donations made to any team member, or does it just show the goal amount for the team on the helper? As it is just me and 1 of my friends forming a team we wanted to show any and all donations on our individual streams but we're not sure how extra-life and the helper handles team mode. In the case that the helper doesn't show any/all donations made for the team.. do you recommend me and my friend just using the same donation link to achieve what we're after? Thanks for help
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/maelstromalpha Hey guys! I'm from the UK, looking forward to my first extra-life marathon this year! Hit me up with a follow and i'll be sure to follow back everyone seems great in this community.
  4. It's perfect, exactly what I needed! All my overlays are tested and working great so, i'm super looking forward to our game day now Thanks again for all your hard work @bread_man
  5. Hey @bread_man! Thank you so much for your awesome helper! Me and a friend are getting ourselves ready for our first ever Extra Life stream in November and i'm in the process of setting up all the overlays/trackers. I just wanted to know.. is there an easy way for me to run a test donation in the helper so I can see how it will look on the stream? Thanks again!
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