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  1. Hey @bread_man! Once again, thanks for your hard work on the extra-life helper, it helped me and my team out a lot last year and i'm happy to see you're keeping it up to date! We did have a few teething problems last year however, maybe you could help me out with them Last year we ran the helper in team-mode on 2 separate PCs and while it did work, the donations often came in staggered.. so I would get a donation alert, and then maybe 2/3 minutes later my team-mate would get the same donation alert and vice versa. Is this a by-product of running in team-mode? Or is that not supposed to happen? Also.. I see that you have now made an online version of the helper, which is great! Would that version possibly fix the de-sync issues we've been facing? and if so, is there a way for us host our own remote version with a custom donation mp3? Thanks again for all your hard work year on year
  2. That's fantastic! Thank you again for all your help @bread_man, feeling 100% prepared now for our stream
  3. @bread_man another quick question related to your helper, although it's also a bit of a broader question regarding how extra-life operates. If you're running the helper in team mode, do you get popups/notifications for all donations made to any team member, or does it just show the goal amount for the team on the helper? As it is just me and 1 of my friends forming a team we wanted to show any and all donations on our individual streams but we're not sure how extra-life and the helper handles team mode. In the case that the helper doesn't show any/all donations made for the team.. do you recommend me and my friend just using the same donation link to achieve what we're after? Thanks for help
  4. Hey guys! I'm from the UK, looking forward to my first extra-life marathon this year! Hit me up with a follow and i'll be sure to follow back everyone seems great in this community.
  5. It's perfect, exactly what I needed! All my overlays are tested and working great so, i'm super looking forward to our game day now Thanks again for all your hard work @bread_man
  6. Hey @bread_man! Thank you so much for your awesome helper! Me and a friend are getting ourselves ready for our first ever Extra Life stream in November and i'm in the process of setting up all the overlays/trackers. I just wanted to know.. is there an easy way for me to run a test donation in the helper so I can see how it will look on the stream? Thanks again!
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