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  1. Participants Kelly, Marcus, Steven, Jimmy, Erin, Stevan, Pete, Jason Guild Kickoff Leadership: President – Marcus Summers; Vice President – Steve Sober; Secretary – Jimmy Farrow Hospital Representatives: Kelly Partner (covering while Keri is on maternity leave) Marcus announced the new changes in guild leadership. He has taken the mantle as president of Extra Life RDU. Steve Sober advances to Vice President. Jimmy Farrow advances to Secretary. Fundraising/Recruitment Update Recruitment Recap: 2014: Goal – 400; Actual – 670 2015: Goal – 450; Actual – 625 2016: Goal – 751; Actual – 652 2017: Goal – 750; YTD – 144 Fundraising Recap: 2014: $46,415 2015: $92,135 2016: Goal - $110K; Actual - $111, 284 2017: Goal - $125K; YTD - $4,853 Extra Life Overall Fundraising: 2014: $6,100,000 2015: $8,361,187 2016: $9,695,148 -$30M overall!!! ECGC (East Coast Game Conference) Marcus delivered a presentation on the East Coast Game Conference, which was held at the Raleigh Convention Center last month. He says the turnout for the event was great, and a lot of young professionals showed up, which made interactions and sign-ups easier. Special thanks to Erin and Stevan of Triangle Game Night for stepping up in a big way by engaging visitors and helping make our involvement at the event a huge success. 12-Hour Marathon · A 12-Hour Marathon was held at Kramden Institute on April 29. There was a low turnout for this event. · The High Heeled Gamer made an appearance at the event and interviewed Marcus. · Plans are in the works to possibly hold a 24-Hour Marathon at Kramden either in mid-June or mid-July. With that, Extra Life is looking to hold marathons every three or four months, if the timing and space permits. Last Month Action Items The first friendly reminder to sign up for this year’s campaign, and customize your donation page with a picture and story about why you participate in Extra Life. You can set up schedules to post to Twitter and Facebook automatically. Hospital Update Kelly presented a video of the first-ever Duke Children’s Hospital Prom, which took place in April. The event was attended by current and former patients of Duke Children’s, and it was a huge success! Funds raised by Extra Life RDU helped make it possible. Kelly stated that she will be conducting tours of Duke Children’s Hospital in the near future. She says each tour will be about an hour as she guides the group through the many departments and treatment areas of the hospital. Parking will be free. Tour dates will be released soon. Future Events GeekCraft Expo will take place on Mother’s Day, May 14th at the Durham Armory. Extra Life RDU will have a table at the event, and it runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The event takes place on Jimmy will help run the table, and if possible, we are looking for volunteers. Boxcar in Raleigh is holding a “Drink For a Cause” night on May 31st, where 15% of all sales will be donated to Extra Life RDU. Please come out and support! Raleigh SuperCon will be at the Raleigh Convention Center July 14th – 16th. Special thanks to Steve for getting us a space at the event. We are looking for volunteers to man the table. Miscellaneous New for 2017: Social Media: Public Facebook Page – facebook.com/extraliferdu Twitter Account – @extraliferdu “Tools of the Trade”: Community Forums – community.extra-life.org Extra Life App – iOS, Android, Facebook Extra Life Recruitment App – iOS, Android 2017 Marathon: This year’s main event will be held on November 4th, and will once again be 25 hours due to the clock’s falling back an hour. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks! Jimmy F., ELRDU Secretary
  2. Finally...I'm going to be able to sit down and binge on The Division!
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