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  1. Hey all, This year something changed in the Extra Life profile and I can't seem to upload a full quality image. You used to be able to just point the page to an imgur link. Now it's trying to upload it to Extra Life to manage, but in doing so it completely compresses it. Is there any way I can get this to work properly? I somehow found a work around before, but after updating my image I can't seem to get it now. Thanks!
  2. Hello! This is exactly what I was hoping for also! Any chance this has been added in the last year? @herobyclicking Thanks! rebo
  3. As part of my Extra Life, people donate for games to go on stream.. If I could parameterize the donation page (i.e. as part of a link to the donation page, I pass in a message that goes to the message box, in addition to what they want to send) I would be able to do live updates for things and much more potentially. Is this possible? Thanks
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