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  1. SassyJ

    PAX East


    I don't work Thursday's I could do 11-3 shift if needed. Kerry can take it off too, if needed. We could stay a bit later too. I just have to get Taylor by 630 in Chelmsford.
  2. SassyJ

    PAX East


    Sat or Sunday. For Kerry and I.
  3. SassyJ

    Anime Boston 2018


    So Saturday afternoon Sunday all Day. Taylor would like to help and is an Anime expert now, so that will be most helpful to me because I've watched 8.
  4. SassyJ

    PAX East


    Kerry Selberg and I can fill those last 2 spots in the afternoon on Saturday. Or in the AM.
  5. I posted in the other thread, Kerry and I would love to do Sunday, But Don't have passes yet, if we can get them at the door on Sunday we would love to do it. But We both work on Friday and can't go to get passes on Friday for Sunday.
  6. SassyJ



    Kerry and I would love to Work on Sunday but we don't have badges. Will we be able to get them at the door on Sunday or will they be sold out?
  7. Do we have a who is on what day, where people are scheduled? It makes it easier to plan stuff in ADVANCE to know where we are scheduled!! But Kerry and I are available both days all day pretty much. But I still like to plan out our days
  8. Hey all! I am in The Boston Guild, born and raised in the Boston area, now live in Southern NH (where everyone comes from MA to shop Tax free) this is my first year with extra life. But Boston Children's Hospital has saved my son on more than one occasion. I had surgery there when I was 12 too! I am 36 now, and my son is 13 and just going into 8th grade, this past spring he just got his longest time between cardiology check ups are cardiologist said see you in 3 years. My son started off with 16 to 17 different Doctors there, we still see a few but I am very glad to say we don't go there 3 times a week like we used to do when he was younger. In my house we have 2 PS4's, 2 PS3's, an XBox 360, a Wii, and 2 gaming PC's. You could say I became a gamer all the way back when I played Oregon Trail in 1st in 2nd grade on those very small Apple computers in my classroom and I have been hooked ever since. Being a mom and I work full time as a Vet Tech, and we have a lot of pets, I don't game as much as I used to. right now I am into WildStar, Smite, Mass Effect, and I dabble in other games. I am a huge lover of Mario. ANd any time I can get a group together for table top gaming I will do it too! I am really excited for these forums and this year. I have been an avid giver to BCH over the years and this is a great way to mesh two of my passions!
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