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  1. Hey everyone, I would to introduce Jennifer Peeling to the Guild. She is a coworker with me at Skyline and is interested in helping us future events.
  2. Hey everyone, Matt Tucker sent me the list of dates for this years Extra Life Lan Parties at Skyline. This is just a short list of dates. I am working with Matt to see if we can get this on a web page somewhere so we have a more centralized place to put this info. Of course, we are going to have to miss the first Lan since it is during Awesomecon John Month Date Event March 30th 6PM SkyLAN Q1 April 27th 6PM SkyLAN Mini 1 May 25th 6PM SkyLAN Mini 2 June 29th 6PM SkyLAN Q2 July 27th 6PM SkyLAN Mini 3 Aug 31st 6PM SkyLAN Mini 4 Sept 28th 6PM SkyLAN Q3 Nov 3rd-4th Extra Life 2018
  3. until

    Awesome! Got it on my calendar
  4. jbooth117

    2018 Guild Kickoff


    Hey Everyone, I am John of Skyline Technologies and colleague of Nick Caleo. I would be happy to attend this event!
  5. jbooth117



    I am interested at helping at this event and I have RSVPed
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