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  1. I can technically do Saturday too, for what it's worth (though it looks like there's a good spread there.)
  2. Shojin

    Magfest 2018

    By the by, just as an introduction for myself (so long after I've already posted this), I am a freelance videographer/editor/sound guy that works in the Baltimore/DC area. That's what I got my degree in from Towson University. When I was a student there, that's the time I started doing extra life as part of my film society/fraternity. I stream pretty frequently on youtube and twitch as well as do some Let's Play videos: And I'm also a musician and have scored some short films and done the whole song and dance thing. Mostly just the song actually. (VG score) (Cover song I recently recorded)
  3. Howdy all! Just chiming in cause I met Sarah and Drew and I am excited fro the following year in all things Extra Life related.
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