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  1. Hi, I'm Jacob Fassbender, or known as Mielfia. I'm the main Owner/CEO of an Esports organization called Breakout Esports(BKO). We're non-profit and plan to donate everything we make to Extra Life 4 Kids. It's more something I'd want to be verified with so people would know, also so we could use the logo as a partnership so we could advertise and get the word out. Our goal with Extra life is to bring awareness and help out people in need, our main goal within BKO is to help out communities, and it will always be that. We hate how a decent amount of Esport Organizations turned into "E$SPORT$", to where they did things to benefit themselves, which is the opposite of what we want to do. I chose to want to partner with Extra Life due to personal events that lead me to remember a friend who had a charity called Gaming 4 a Cause, but later on, he lost his battle with cancer. I noticed what positivity he brought to the community and how he was trying to help out as much as possible, which I want to replicate on a national scale. We're just starting back up, but I have the experience of working with various Esport organizations(even top organizations) to know what to do. As of right now, we only have one sponsored player for Super Smash Brothers Wii U. His tag is AC, and he is the 50th best player in the world according to the Panda Global Rankings(PGR) Version 4. We plan to expand further and pick up various players/teams in multiple games. We want to have partnerships as well which would help out funding wise so we bring the players out to events and bring the message out, our goal is to break even with everything and then donate the rest towards our respected Charity through Extra Life. If we could get the backing of Extra Life or the "OK" from them to use their logo to help advertise, that would be amazing. We are looking for nothing in return. Thanks, Jacob Fassbender Owner/CEO of Breakout Esports
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