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  1. Hey no worries, it was a success. Raised $1300! I will check out the discord for sure, thanks for the response!
  2. Hello everyone, Names Sgtgrumbles, but you can call me Grumbles. I am a twitch broadcaster based out of Waterloo, ON. I am new to ExtraLife but I have been planning to do a 24hr fundraiser stream for Sick Kids, and was pointed in this direction. I am still fairly new to twitch (started in may) but in that time have built a decent following for myself and have made many connections. I have very close personal friends who were a part of the Sick Kids program for a few years, and firmly believe in what they do...so I want to use my connections and twitch presence to try and give back to them, as a thank you for all they do. I was planning to do my 24 on Dec 16th, and if anyone has any advice or would like to help in any way, I would be happy to discuss with you!
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