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  1. @rytrick88 Stream whatever you would enjoy playing for 24 hours. If you can't decide just split it up. What I am looking at doing is something fun (For when I am featured, probably an indie game) move to something that uses my brain/need to think. During the night I will move to something that doesn't take much to play (Considering i will be tired). Something like that. I know the struggle, but it makes it easier if you think of it like that. Like at 10pm-4am. Are you going to enjoy playing Gears of War? (If yes, play it) lol/
  2. I believe it starts 8am Mountain Time (For the official stream). Most people from my knowledge go from like 8 or 9am on the 5th to 8 or 9am on the 6th. In all honesty. It is up to the person when they would like game day to start. If they want to do it midnight to midnight they can.
  3. @ThirdEchelon if they said in the next couple of days that there would be integration information for StreamLabs I would assume they would have it before game-day. Unless something happens on their end and aren't able to get it out before the 5th. Let's hope nothing goes wrong.
  4. @LeaveIt2Beaver or @DJThunderstix would be able to give you a better answer on that. Hopefully they are able to respond soon.
  5. @Sneeches if I am understanding you correctly (And i hope i am. If not please let me know). You have your Extra Life fundraising page all set up, will you be expecting donations to come in online through your participant page? If so, you do not need to set something up that says you are doing it on a certain day. Donations can come in until the end of the year (December 31st). If you are getting checks/bills/etc. There is a form on the Extra Life site, that explains how to send those in/process them. But like I said, if you are expecting all the donations to be online there is nothing you need to do other than direct people to the participant page, and have them make the donation.
  6. @Sean Rooney which app of mine are you talking about? Sorry with the new job I've been out of everything going on.
  7. I do agree with this. Would have liked to see things more ironed out in terms of rules. It was kind of all over the place slightly which made things move slower. Personally I would like to have the competition go the way of you don't even announce the games going in. Give it a sense of surprise kind of like the Grand Final today. Makes everyone go in on a somewhat level playing field instead of being like "Hey here are 6ish games we may choose from" I'd like to see it be more of a surprise next year.
  8. Email answers that, but you've probably already seen Sean. Also, I always pack a nice pair of clothes, but thats because my hospital contacts usually take me and the fellow MD Extra Lifers out to dinner, but other than that most of the time people are in like jeans and a t-shirt (Gaming/Extra Life) I know they required us wear the ELU Shirts on the days we were participating in the competition last year, will probably be same rules again this year. But its casual.
  9. I CANT WAITTTTTTTT So excited to be going back to the experience that changed my life. But this time I'm coming to win that money
  10. I'm staying Tuesday - Sunday (Leaving Sunday midday) If park tickets aren't too much I believe me and my gf (Sabrina) Would be up for hanging at a park with a few Extra Lifers.
  11. I'll join in some Halo 5 tonight if people want. Gamertag: Irate Toast
  12. In the beginning (3 years ago) I participated in Extra Life because i always played video games in my free time and thought "Oh might as well do it and raise money". I was always taught to give back, so this was a good enough reason. Well...3 years down the road, and all of that has changed. I extra life because I want to. I know deep down that this is what I want to do with my life. Jeromy 'doc' knows this :). It has evolved so much from just doing it because I played games in my free time. Why I extra life has evolved into so much more. The families I have met working at Hopkins Children's are my inspiration. Eli, Trip, Lucy, Olivia, Sadie. All of them. And as I said I realized that I know this is my career. I know I will find a way to get into it. This is why I extra Life.
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