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  1. This is the first thing the guild has done that is interested my youngest. He asked if we could volunteer
  2. Hello As a retro game hoarder I currently have about 4 more Atari 2600's that I could possibly ever use including a mint condition 2600 JR that stopped working last year. And I have extra PC hardware that can capture old RF only systems for streamers who really want to go old school :) Welcome to the party.
  3. Greetings Programs. I have been a gamer since the 60's and still have every system I ever owned. Been supporting Children's Miracle Network for a long time and even more so since my daughter spent 6 month's at CHOP in 2009. I guess I'm a little isolated in my age group who don't play games (except me) because I had not heard about extra life until recently when there was a #charity event on twitch and I bought bits just for that. Wasn't much of a twitch person until I started playing Rocket League a few months ago and went looking for other players. Conversations with some of them convinced me I should do some more streaming and join up with extra life. My twitch, twitter, steam, and xbox id are all vulcanjedi just like my gmail And for my technically challenged family I set up redirects at and to get to my extra life and twitch pages. And as usual am late to the party. Just found this group. Saturday is almost here. Later Mark eol
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