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  1. Here's what I got just last month! And would be totally down to get a group pic at ELU.
  2. I'd totally would do this but I'm heading to ELU/Orlando that Sunday night. I'm trying to limit any potential con-crud. I'm happy to help out in future cons though. Hope everyone working can get the word out!
  3. I'm interested in going to ELU but the cost of the hotel for that long is certainly a hurdle. I'm happy to share a room.
  4. Hi Mike, I'm just attending. I went the first year, held out last year, though. There was actually an Orcacon Extra Life team last year but like you said, probably didn't have an official presence. I'm hoping to spin up a team or join another team, possibly with their team.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm wondering if anybody will be going to Orcacon in January. I'll be there and if you're going, I'd love to meet up and talk Extra Life and game. If you haven't heard of Orcacon, it's a third year inclusive table top convention, usually held in Everett but moved to Bellevue due to construction at original host location. Orcacon Website -Keith
  6. Better late (or really early for next year) than never. This was my fourth year doing Extra Life and I'm looking forward to number five! I really would like to go bigger than what I did this year (which I feel went super well!).
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