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  1. My Votes for After Dark. Just to check it out as a possible Marathon Location lol.
  2. Any other Canadians or anyone else other then Jamison have any success with this?
  3. until
    It's Official Extra Life Winnipeg is taking a road trip! We will be attending PrairieCon 2016 in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada from June 3rd to June 5th, 2016! PrairieCon is a weekend long event which allows the Brandon and area gaming community to get together. The primary purpose is entertainment, and the main attractions are the tournaments and events. The mission of PrairieCon, which is a non-profit event, is to promote gaming as a form of recreation in the community, and by gaming we are referring to board games, role-playing games, collectible card games, miniature games and live-action role-playing games.
  4. hoodedarche0

    BaseLan 29.5

    Extra Life Winnipeg will be out recruiting at the 29th and half (29.5) BaseLan Event hosted by AYBOnline! As always, BaseLAN 29.5 will have a range of both Official & Fun events for attendees to enjoy. Check out the list on AYBOnline.com: http://www.aybonline.com/baselan29-5/
  5. I Extra Life to give back to the hospital that I stayed at when I had to have a 8 hr Jaw Surgery in High School to remove a cyst that had taken up 99% of the bone mass on my bottom right mandible. As of this year I added a new reason to Extra Life, Janelle a young 10 yr old Pokemon Fanatic I met who is currently under going treatments for Whilm's Kidney Cancer.
  6. Here's some more guidance: So if I can suggest a general flow for the panel -- - Who are you guys? - What is Extra Life? - How do you raise money? (follow-up q's re: services, back-end stuff) - Where does the money go? - Tell us some success stories. - How does the Extra Life organization coordinate everything? - How can we work with Extra Life ourselves? Assuming the panel's an hour or so, that'll be more than enough to fill it, leave space for audience questions, and lead nicely into possible signups and interest for you. this is what our producer came up with for the format of our panels @Sean Rooney
  7. My Gamertag ---> StressfulGengar
  8. Hey there @Stuartf! I think I am probably one of the better people to help in regards to this. (Just saw the date so I'm not sure if you ever got an answer to your questions.) In terms of Offline Donations the best thing for you to do is to get in contact with your hospital that you are raising money for. They will be able to help you get your donations counted. Since your hospital you are supporting is the one that eventually receives the money and then sends out the Receipts of Donation they may be able to help you send your cash donations to them, then they will work with Children's Miracle Network Canada in Toronto to have your donation totals counted on your online profile. This is also the most practical way to send in your donations without having to guesstimate the conversion rate from CDN to USD. Until Donor Drive Supports the CDN $ this is your best way to deal with offline donations from Canada.
  9. @Dj-Sparky For our guild in Winnipeg we make alot of our own designs (following the brand guidelines!) for Merch to help us promote Extra Life locally. You can also find alot of good things to start with in the Guild Toolkit (Click me to go to the download page!)
  10. @fluffnight did you ever get in contact with the Vancouver Guild itself? not sure if you are part of their leadership but they would be your best bet to start with in your area! Let me know if you haven't linked up with them I will help you get in touch.
  11. Anyone else starting to see double on these posts? First the User Account access issue and now the double Posting Problem.... Anyone else starting to see double on these posts? First the User Account access issue and now the double Posting Problem....
  12. Ive got Tabletop Simulator as well and would love to play with some people! Steam: hoodedarche0 Ive got Tabletop Simulator as well and would love to play with some people! Steam: hoodedarche0
  13. @CAWZY That is a very good idea to incorporate into the panel.... I will need to think about how to best showcase this to the wide range of people and levels of engagement/experience that they may have had with Extra Life.
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