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  1. NodnarbDude


    Hey everyone so sorry for super short notice but it looks like we are going to have to cancel tonights meeting at crabtowne. We were supposed to start loosely around 7:30 and grab a bite to eat and have the meeting afterwards but it seems like most of us forgot and/or have other work/family obligations. Personally im so use to saturday meetings that it slipped off my radar. We are really sorry about this usually we are on top of things. Perhaps because we were trying sonething different( a meeting on a weeknight) that it threw us all off. If you were planning on attending please reach out to us so we can let you know of a reschedule!
  2. NodnarbDude

    July Guild Meeting Recap

    Hey all this is the recap for yesterdays guild meeting. We met at the family game store in savage mill. Attendence-7 in person, 2 via discord Artscape since its is this coming weekend we spent alot of time talking about it. Detailed instructions for the event are going to be emailed to Drew on Monday but this is The schedule for volunteering we came up with is as follows. Thursday setup Sarah Friday Aaron 10am-2pm Artem 1pm-6pm Brandon 3pm-9pm Saturday James 10am-3pm Artem 10am-3pm Drew 3pm-9pm John 3pm-9pm Sunday Sarah 10am-2pm Brandon 10am-2pm For those driving the Fitzgerald is supposed to be the best parking garage to park at but you'll have to check that day to see the best way to get there because many streets will be blocked off. Also we are going to have a "fancy donation jug" at the table. We aren't going to be asking for donation but we'll have one for the people that aren't interested in participating but want to give a little something. The gentlemen at the family game store joined us for a portion of the meeting as well. Sarah shared contact info so we can coordinate some things in the future. Maybe have a person at sombre of their events share about extra life or a possible guild game day. Th he game store has a game night every Saturday from 6pm until midnight, they have a booster draft for magic every Saturday after a new set comes out and a huge turnout for prerealese. Otakon August 9th-12th We are confirmed but we will work on details as it gets closer. Cindy is going to look into the 98 rock/ Game truck idea. Artem visited his local gamestops and was informed that they switch out their promo materials on july 22nd. We are not sure if it's the same date for all game stops but we are going to try and visit or local gamestops on the 22nd to see what we can get. We are going to try to do something on a Thursday night for a social meetup more info to come. Some ideas for the fall that were mentioned are a murder mystery train ride, the new fantastic beats movie in November. The numbers we have 293 gamers registered up from 229 in 2017 and 209 in 2016 Anime USA is in October 19th-21st We might look into being at this con. Or next meeting will be a discord meeting Aug. 4th(one week before otakon) at 11am Our next in person meeting is Friday August 24th at 7:30pm at crabtowne in glen burnie.
  3. NodnarbDude

    July Guild Meeting

    Just a friendly reminder that The next meeting is scheduled for This coming Saturday July 14th at 10 am at the family game store in savage mill. Note the time 10 am. We usually do a noon meeting but this meeting is starting at 10 am!
  4. NodnarbDude

    June guild meeting recap

    This months meeting was a discord meeting. Attendance-4 Numbers so far we currently have 258 gamers signed up and $5,810 dollars raised. Last year we had 199 gamers signed up and $5,260 dollars raised around this time. Upcoming cons -Prattcon is this coning Saturday the 23rd. Its a small one day con at the Pratt Free Library in Holland town. John and I will be manning a table. -Diversitycon is a one day con at Amazing Spiral(a local comic book shop in north baltimore) This is a small one day con as well. James said at a previous meeting he would try to man a table here. -Artscape July 20th-22nd We are working to get a table at gamescape again this year. We had missed the deadline to get into the nonprofit charity table area of the main part of artscape. If we want to try again for next year we will have to send out emails in the fall of this year. -Blerdcon is a one day con on July27th Sarah said she has yet to recieve a response from Blerdcon so it's likely we wont have a table here but she is going to try to reach out once more just to try. -Bitgen is a gaming music concert type deal at the ottobar in Remington on Saturday July 28th. We're not sure if they would even have space for a table for us but Sarah said she would check into it. -Sarah mentioned a Minecraft event in the fall(octoberish) that Drew had previously mentioned. We couldnt remember the name of the event but we'll look into it as it gets closer. -Sarah mentioned following up with Bar point and scyfi convention at some point. New CMN Partnership as some of you may have heard CMN has partnered with Gamestop. On that note Sarah asked if we could all try to stop by our local gamestops over the next month or so to see if we could get swag donations to use as raffle prizes for upcoming events. Basically we go to local gamestops ask them if they heard of extra life,tell them a bit about what we do, and ask if they have any extra promotional materials that they would like to donate. Children's National Sarah mentioned the Children's National (DC guild) is trying to get up and running again. We would love to have any help from them we can and to also help them out as well. Just think of what we can accomplish in the Maryland/Virginia area if we wirk together! 98 rock/Game truck we still need to look into doing something with the guys from 98 rock. Possibly involving a game truck. Reminder Follow-ups Cynthia and Sarah wanted a reminder to follow up with Skyline. Next Meeting The next meeting is scheduled for July 14th at 10 am at the family game store in savage mill. Note the time 10 am. We usually do a noon meeting but I believe at the last meeting it was brought up that others had things going on later in the day. This is also one week before artscape.
  5. NodnarbDude

    June guild meeting

    Just a friendly reminder that this month's meeting is this Saturday at noon via discord. Hope to hear everyone then!
  6. NodnarbDude

    Game nights!!!

  7. NodnarbDude

    May Guild Meeting Recap

    Hey everyone this is the recap for th meeting this past Saturday. We had a meeting over discord since several people couldn't make it in person. Attendence-5 via discord We talked a bit about some of the conventions that are coming up. Prattcon-June 23rd (10am-3pm) This is a one day con at the southeast anchor Enoch pratt free library. John and I will be manning a table here. Diversitycon(11am-8pm) This is also a one day con at the comic shop Amazing Spiral in north baltimore. James said he should be available this day and will likely be manning a table here for part of the day as well. Otakon (Aug. 10th-12th) this is confirmed. james will more than likely be out of town,Drew will be there all weekend and will likely be able to setup and takedown, I will be available periodically thoughout the weekend. we can talk more detail on schedules as the time gets closer. these are some unconfirmed cons that we are waiting to hear back from. more info to come Artscape(July 20th-22nd) Blerdcon(July 27th) Bitgen(July 28th) We are still looking into the gametruck idea and seeing if they are still partnered with Extra Life and if we can do something with 98 rock. more details to come. OUR NEXT MEETINGS our next meeting will be via discord on june 16th at 12pm Our next in person meeting will be july 14th at Savage Mill Next Game Day Our game day this past friday sortof fell through so we are doing one this coming friday the 25th from 7pm-midnight. some suggested games were -keep talking and nobody explodes -ultimate chicken horse -monoco (there were a few others but these were the only ones i caught the names of, sorry)
  8. NodnarbDude

    May guild meeting

    just a friendly reminder this month's guild meeting is this Saturday the 19th(tomorrow) at the Family Game Store in Savage Mill! The address is 8600 Foundry st., Savage MD 20763 We'll be meeting around noon P.S. it looks like im going to have to join via discord tomorrow. Hope to hear yall then!
  9. NodnarbDude

    April Guild Meeting Recap

    Hey everyone this is the recap for the guild meeting this past Saturday. Attendance -4 in person 1 via discord. Drew gave a Recap for Cecilcon He was able to get 11 signups which is an improvement from last year. upcoming conventions prattcon june 23rd(confirmed) prattcon is a one day convention at the Enoch Pratt free library in Holland town. John and I will be manning this con. Artscape july 20th-22nd We were looking into getting a table with the other charities this year. Id we don't then wet may still try to have a table inside gamescape. More info to come. Blerdcon July 27th(unconfirmed) more info to come Bitgen Saturday july 28th(unconfirmed) more info to come. otakon August 10th-12th(confirmed) more info to come Maglabs september 7th-9th(unconfirmed) Washingcon september 8th-9th(unconfirmed) Baltimore comiccon september 28th-30th(confirmed) Drew received confirmation for Baltimore comic con this year. Brainstorming Ideas Cynthia has contacts with the morning show guys for 98 rock radio station and suggested we brainstorm some ideas to incorporate them with Extra Life. We thought about possibly doing something with the game truck maybe near Ramshead live. Possibly in October since wet don't usually have conventions that time of year. Guild game night we decided to have a Guild game night Friday may 11th. More details to come. Next guild meeting we decided to go ahead and have the next meeting at Savage Mill again since most of the people that would benefit from having a meeting further south were unable to attend this time. The next meeting will be Saturday May 19th at 12pm. Hope to seer y'all there!
  10. NodnarbDude

    April Guild Meeting

    Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder this month's guild meeting is this Saturday the 21st at the Family Game Store in Savage Mill! The address is 8600 Foundry st., Savage MD 20763 We'll be meeting around noon(our usual time) hope to see you all there!
  11. NodnarbDude

    March 2018 Guild Meeting recap

    Hey Everyone Sorry I've Been slacking posting the meeting recaps between seasons but here we go again! This i the recap for Yesterdays guild meeting! Attendance-7(6 in person 1 via discord) Awesomecon Our first order of business was discussing Awesomecon! Awesomecon is March 30th-April 1st this year at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001 This is Easter weekend just to let people know. We have now gotten confirmation for this event. though Sarah had mentioned in order for us to be here the Con itself had a couple of requests we weren't use to so there is a slight possibility that we wont have a table but we are planning everything just to be ready. if we receive notification of changes we'll let you know just keep this in mind if you volunteer for an early friday shift. If you are able to volunteer for this Convention and were not at the meeting please post in the thread below. the volunteer availability we have so far that I recorded at the meeting is as follows Friday Drew John(later shifts) Artem(after 2 pm) Brandon(myself)(after 4pm) Saturday Sarah Drew John(later shifts) Brandon(myself)(after 1pm) Sunday(EASTER) Sarah Artem If you can volunteer for this event and we don't have you listed (or if your times change) please let us know! also we have only 2 badges for this event so we will probably have to trade off badges. some of the strategies we talked about for this con are: -to make sure we are being as engaging as possible to everyone walking by our table -possibly having some gaming going on to entice people to come to our table(if we have the space an enough volunteers we could have a small card game of sorts going on. -Having a video on display with pictures and/or text about Extra Life(want to give a shout out to Artem for volunteering to use his video editing skills to help make us a video!) Guild Elections It was unanimous to keep our current officers who are President-Drew Nicolo Vice President-Sarah Wilson Secretary-Brandon Wilson(me) and as an unofficial role Duke of Social Gatherings of Common Interest -James Devno Goals for 2018 Participants-1,000 Dollars Raised-150,000 Name Badges Sarah had name badges for everyone and we were swore in using them and pledging to do all we can for the kids! Awards Sarah had awards made for last years volunteers and handed them out. she still has some for people who couldn't attend this meeting New tactics or 2018 We are going to be trying to do one new thing a month as a guild and see if these things yield results.This months new thing is to go to GameStop stores and see if they have any of swag(things like posters for preordered games that the receive to many of) Everyone at the meeting pledged to try to make it to one GameStop before next meeting to see how this goes. if you weren't at the meeting and would like to participate please feel free to do so. I believe we are going to be having a script worked on if you don't feel comfortable going up to strangers and talking with them. We were thinking of going to movies on opening weekends for the new thing in May. more on that later. New things to look into Universalcon(April27th-29th) Board and brew for Social gathering Escape rooms for Social gatherings For more on social events/gatherings and/or to share ideas please contact James(The Duke) Next Meeting April 21st We are going to try to meet at the Family Game Store in Savage Mill(NOT AT THE HOSPITAL) we've talked about having some meeting at other locations and since a good portion of our volunteers live much further south than Baltimore we are going to be giving this a go. Exact location could change. We'll keep you posted!
  12. NodnarbDude

    Deember Guid meeting/pizza party

    Hey everyone this is reposted from cindy in the facebook group! "Hey gang! Wanted everyone to know our next meeting will be on Saturday, December 16th at the hospital. We will be celebrating with pizza! Also, the numbers look great! We are currently at $101,342 and still have a month left to fundraise (last year finished at $102,274). Wooooooot! Keep up the great work!" We Will be meeting at 12pm Here is the Hospital address/directions for those who need them Johns Hopkins Children's Center 1800 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD 21287 Parking is directly across the hospital in the Orleans Street Garage. When you arrive you will take the elevator to the 4th floor and cross the sky bridge on the right side of the garage to get to the Children's Center Lobby.
  13. NodnarbDude

    September Guild Meeting

    Just wanted to post a reminder. Next Guild Meeting Our next meeting will be via conference call September 16th at 12pm the number is 888-651-5908 and the code is 4916763
  14. NodnarbDude

    August Guild Meeting Recap

    Hey everyone this is the recap for yesterdays guild meeting! attendance-8(9 if you count Sarah's friend she dragged along XD) Start time-12:07 We had a short recap of Artscape. I Believe we signed up about 80 people this year. Upcoming Events This meeting was primarily focused on talking about Otakon since it's our biggest event of the year and it's happening next weekend the 11th-13th! First off Otakon had contacted us before we even contacted them this year. they seem really excited to have us which is awesomesauce! We have 5 volunteer badges to use this year(last year i believe we had 2) our space is gonna be spacious to say the least. 12ft by 24ft If you didn't get a chance to attend the meeting and are able to volunteer we could always use extra help for this event. here is the link to the calendar page. We were trying to come up with some cheap ideas for things to raffle off. and/or some things to have on our second table. let us know if you guys have ideas! thing we wil already have at the booth are the prize wheel with prizes like dumdums, hard candy, rubber bracelets, and temporary tattos. we'll have the tablets ofcourse to sign people up. we were thinking of having a slideshow on loop. we will have the 2 pieces of artwork that trip did on display and we might even have print copies to give out to people that register. (also side note Cynthia is going to send out the call for artwork from our other hopkins kids so for future events we could have a collage of artwork. Check out our mega events thread page for more events you can help out at! http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/6854-con-season-2017-baltimoredc-recruiting-events-megathread/ Events to look into next year these are some events we will look into contacting around september or so of this year to get into for next year. Katsucon (Feb. 16th-18th 2018) Magfest (Jan. 4th-7th 2018 as well as other times during the year)-Sarah has put in the request for this so lets hope for a favorable reply Super Smash Con - this conflicts with Otakon this year so maybe next year Smithsonian SAAM Arcade at American Art Museum Awesome Con The numbers so far Last year Dollars raised-$9,453 Participants Registered-313 This year Dollars raised-9,400 Participants Registered-330 Cynthia always stresses not to worry about dollars raised until near November as most of the donations come in the last couple weeks. Brainstorming Ideas Some of these weren't disscused at this past meeting but i want to keep them in the posts so we remember them -we may look into setting up a video conference at some point for the meetings incase people can't make it in. more on this probably after con season. -It seems quite a few of our regular meeting attendees live in southern Maryland so we may try to alternate meetings at some point. like having every other one at the hospital an maybe in bowie or somewhere near there. we wont worry about it until after august with otakon coming up but if anyone has any good ideas for places in the bowie area we might be able to hold meeting feel free to share with us! -Guild social activity. we may try to do some sort of streaming event as a social event since everyone has such busy schedules but it will probably be after con season at some point -getting water bottles with extra life stickers/logo for next year perhaps Next Guild Meeting Our next meeting will be via conference call September 16th at 12pm the number is 888-651-5908 and the code is 4916763 P.S. It was great to have James from the San Antonio Guild join us as well! it's always good to see new faces!
  15. NodnarbDude

    August guild meeting

    Sorry for the late reminder that our august Guild meeting is tomorrow at 12pm at the hospital. Here is the Hospital address/directions for those who need them Johns Hopkins Children's Center 1800 Orleans St, Baltimore, MD 21287 Parking is directly across the hospital in the Orleans Street Garage. When you arrive you will take the elevator to the 4th floor and cross the sky bridge on the right side of the garage to get to the Children's Center Lobby.