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  1. Soo someone sent a donation, but it is not showing up on my team page...any ideas why?
  2. I conducted my first 12 hour stream this weekend, I did it through YouTube instead of Twitch since it can actually save my streams (Which is what I plan to use to keep track of my team members' hours.) I have an legato capture card...somewhere lol. I just have to find it...I think it was made for the I'm not 100% sure if it will work on the PS4. I'm slowly working out all the kinks lol. It is getting there! Next I have to work on my streaming "room" should be fun!
  3. Hey there, so I blindly "purchased" the platinum membership. I was curious how it works? I'm trying to find out prior to inviting my team members on board incase they ask me about it I conducted my first 12 hour solo stream for charity this weekend, raised a little bit. But this is just the start! My team plans to conduct at least one monthly team 24 hour stream all year long! I'm really just trying to fine tune some things before I open my team up:) I mainly stream on console, so that limits the "Widgets" and overlays I can add to my stream which is fine Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Game on! For the kids!
  4. Interesting, a lot of the members on my team likely wont spend money on such devices when the PS4/Xbone can stream straight to Twitch/YouTube. I'll likely stream it to youtube, then restream it to twitch for overlays. Just trying to find someone who has done this before.
  5. Hello! Soo I'm just starting up here on Extra Life, really looking forward to doing some 24 hour streams every weekend leading up to Game Day. The main problem I'm having right now is trying to figure out how to get overlays, banners and buttons on my stream. I found a couple work arounds like using OSB / restream and some other things that allow me to push my stream through another sitee / program and add add-ins through that. Only problem is I have no idea where to even begin I'm very new to streaming and Extra Life but I'm trying to do my best to help out Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! (Also, I'm looking for a digital artist to hopefully help me with a team logo/icon thingy)
  6. Hello so...I'm very new to streaming, Extra Life and all this stuff. I really need some help getting started. I see I need some type of tools to get started...also I stream on playstation 4...not sure if I can even do this. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Would I need to email in order to change a team name as well? (Might have added an extra letter to a word haha)
  8. Hello! Just checking to see if this Guild is still active. With Game Day right around the corner, I really have not seen any sign of activity.
  9. Hello everyone! I am very new here as I had just found out about this amazing program yesterday through a Reddit post regarding the Nov 4th event So first things first, I am super excited to get started but I have a couple quick questions before I begin. 1: So I joined a team who is participating in the 24 hour stream-a-thon on Nov 4th. I will likely stream for a potion of that day to support that team. However, I would like to start my own team of local players in my area who are all ready to get their stream on (once I fine tune these "issues") So with that being said, is there any way to be apart of more than 1 team? 2: I realized I might have made a mistake when selecting the Hospital I would like to support. Is there any way I am able to change it over to another hospital so me and my to-be team can go visit? 3: What is the difference between a Team and a Guild? How many people can I get on my team before I should consider requesting to become a Guild? 4: Is there anyway to track the number of hours my team members volunteered their time to raise funds? (Most likely for awards) I think that is everything I was needing answered before I get things rolling. Hopefully I can smooth out these slightly rough edges before this weekend I plan on doing at least a solo 24 hour charity stream this weekend to test all the add-ins to my Twitch channel so I can help my teammates set up their own. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and I am looking forward to hearing from you guys, thank you again for your time!
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